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  1. The Fair Man - Master SSL Compressor

    SSL style Compressor: unique! In great condition.

  2. Tannoy Lockwood Major Vintage Monitors

    Original 1960s/1970s Tannoy Lockwoods in great condition.

  3. Studer A827 Analogue Stereo Tape Recorder (Used)

    Used Studer A827 in excellent condition
  4. SSL Nucleus 2 Dark USED

    SSL Nucleus 2 Dark in pristine condition (only 6 months old!)

  5. Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console (Used)

    A solid Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console, serviced, in excellent condition.

  6. Schoeps 'Sphere' Stereo mic USED

    Schoeps 'Sphere' Stereo mic in excellent used condition
  7. Royer SF-24 Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone USED

    Beautiful Royer SF-24 phantom powered stereo ribbon microphone in immaculate condition. Complete with case and accessories.
  8. Royer R122 Ribbon Microphone USED

    Royer R122 Ribbon Microphone USED complete with wooden box

  9. Roland MKS80 w PG80 Programmer

    MKS80/PG80 Classic analogue synth with programmer.
  10. Roland MKS70

    MKS70. Classic analogue synth unit
  11. RCA 77-DX Ribbon Microphone VINTAGE

    Re-ribboned by Stewart Tavener of Xaudia. In fine working condition.
  12. Pultec EQH-2 x2 USED

    Pultec EQH-2 x2. Lovely full range pair of tube high/low programme equalisers.
  13. Oberheim OB-MX

    OBMX. 2 voice. A bit scruffy.
  14. Neve 2262 Compressors x 2 USED

    The Neve 2262 circuit schematic is identical to the Neve 2264. It's essentially a 2264 in a different package. Those...

  15. Scorchio!
    Neve 2252 x 2 Rare 1960s Limiters front

    Neve 2252 x 2 Extremely Rare 1960s Limiters

    Neve 2252 x 2 Extremely rare 1960s germanium predecessors of the classic 2254 comp/limiters. Very few remain. Great...

  16. Neumann U87 P48 Silver Faced Original Condenser Microphone

    The Neumann U87 P48 - the vintage version of the U87. Serviced. This is a silver finished version comes serviced by...

  17. Mutron Bi-Phase Effects Unit

    The Mu-tron Bi-phase is a vintage dual phasor. In great condition.

  18. Mic Mix CSREQ-23 Super C Master Room Spring Reverb

    The CSREQ-23 Super C Master Room Spring Reverb byt Mic Mix. This consists of a 19" rack unit with two sets of identical...

  19. Manley Reference Gold Multi Pattern Tube Mic (Used)

    Manley Reference Gold Multi Pattern Tube Microphone Kit in excellent working condition complete with case and...

  20. Knif Mastering Controller & VU Meter Bridge USED

    Here we have a Knif Mastering Controller with VU Meter bridge unit in immaculate condition.

  21. Knif Audio Vari-Mu II Compressor USED

    Used Knif Audio Vari-Mu mastering-grade Compressor in immaculate condition inside and out.
  22. JDK Audio 8MX2 Mixer/Microphone Preamplifier USED

    JDK Audio 8MX2 - Compact and powerful rack mount 8 x 2 x 8 Mixer and 8 channel Microphone Preamplifier. The JDK Audio...

  23. JBL 4311b Vintage Control Monitors (Pair)

    Here we have a beautiful pair of vintage JBL 4311b monitors in excellent condition.
  24. Hohner Organaphone 1965 Combo Amp

    Beautiful Hohner Organaphone Combo. 2 x 12.
  25. Great River 32EQ Harrison 500 Series (Used)

    A used Great River Harrison Single Channel 32 EQ 500 Series Rack, in excellent condition.

  26. Gibson Epiphone Emperor Thinline 1960's (Extremely Rare)

    Top line 1960s ‘thinline Emperor. Large body semi (a la 335) with 3 pickups.
  27. Fender Electric 12 'Hockey Stick’

    'Hockey Stick’ Vintage 1966 Electric 12 string
  28. DBX 165VU Classic Compressor/Limiter - USED

    The DBX 165VU Classic rack single channel compressor/limiter. In great condition. The business!

  29. Dangerous Music Convert-2 Converter USED

    Here we have a used Dangerous Music Convert-2 Converter in immaculate condition. The Dangerous Music Convert-2 is a two...

  30. Chandler Little Devil EQ 500 Series USED

    Chandler Little Devil EQ 500 Series Equaliser Module in excellent used condition

Items 1 to 30 of 37 total

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