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Rogers LS3/5A classic passive reference monitors

Rogers LS3/5A front view

An original pair of Rogers LS3/5A in perfect electronic and reasonable cosmetic condition. Incredible speakers from a professional home. Fully tested with 3 months warranty.

ROGERS LS3/5A classic passive reference monitors

The LS3/5A (each element pronounced separately, without the stroke) is a small studio monitor loudspeaker originated by the BBC for use by outside broadcast vans to ensure quality of their broadcasts. The speaker concept set out transparent and natural sound as the goal, and the achievement of the end result is widely acknowledged.

The BBC granted licences to a small number of British firms, who first manufactured the product in 1975. The product underwent a change in 1987 due to consistency issues in manufacturing, and again in around 2003 when original parts from KEF ran out. Upwards of 60,000 pairs of the speaker have been sold. Reviewers have recognised its enormous importance as a bookshelf design.