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Soundfield ST250 Microphone Kit (Used)

Soundfield ST250 Microphone Kit
Complete Soundfield ST250 Microphone system kit, in great condition, serviced by Soundfield.

Fantastic Soundfield ST250 kit.

Including: Case, Soundfield processor (with headphone output and mains supply or battery supply), cables, mic clip, etc. Lovely stereo Mic.

Serviced by Soundfield.

The SoundField microphone contains four capsules, mounted in a tetrahedral array (tetrahedral describes an equilateral triangle). This tetrahedral capsule array, combined with the SoundField Processor/Preamp, allows the ST250 to become different kinds of microphones by varying individual capsule combinations. It can be a conventional mono omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, figure eight or anything in between. It can be a stereo variable angle omni, stereo cardioid, or stereo figure eight. It can also be a complete Mid/Side system for those with sum/difference matrix decoders. And it is the one and only portable B-Format microphone for use as a multi-channel source with the SP451 Surround Processor. Or, when ST250 B-Format recordings are played back through a MKV Processor in Post Production, you can alter microphone position within an existing B-Format recording to yield a final stereo or mono output.

Perhaps the key advantage of the SoundField system is that unlike separate or even stereo microphones, the error between capsules is resolved within the SoundField Processor. This capsule error is similar to the time arrival error experienced by a listener offset between 2 or more spaced loudspeakers.

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