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AKG C28B Original Tube Mic

AKG C28 Tube Mic
A rare AKG C28 classic tube mic. Made in Austria. Serviced by our in-house techs. Superb for vocals. Original 6072 valve.

In my humble opinion, the AKG C28 represents far and away the best value of any vintage tube mic.

A colette mic (i.e. with interchangeable capsules) the C28 is the tube predecessor of the AKG C451 but is an altogether different beast. Using the same output transformer as the (AKG manufactured) Telefunken ELAM 250/251, the mic has the full bodied warmth of many of its more illustrious contemporaries and offers the 'classic' well defined, musical sound so prized by engineers and producers worldwide.

Although the grill of this mic has C28C stamped on it, the mic is a full tube C28B and comes with suspension mount, modern power supply, cables and case.

There is nothing to compare with the classic sound of this great mic at anything like the modest price.