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Knif Mastering Controller & VU Meter Bridge USED

Knif Mastering Controller Main

Here we have a Knif Mastering Controller with VU Meter bridge unit in immaculate condition.

General features

Signal path is kept as simple as possible for highest fidelity. This means that there are no floating input or output topologies. This will not cause problems in properly executed and compact studio setups. The only minus is this: feeding an unbalanced input causes 6dB loss, and requires care that pin 3 is left unconnected in those cases. Luckily it is extremely uncommon for studio gear to have unbalanced inputs.

  • Input debalancers are simple but high quality one OP amp circuits using ADA4627-1.
  • MS and parallel circuits use ADA4627-1.
  • Filter and Image processors use a bit more exotic topologies. They are based on simple jfet buffers.
  • Output drivers from Input and Transfer paths use discrete Knif jfet OP amps.
  • Monitoring section is based on high quality OP amps. ADA4627-1 and OPA2134
  • All connections are gold plated Neutrik XLRs.
  • All rotary switches are Elma. All push buttons high quality LED-illuminated Japanese products with a very nice touch and low volume “click”
  • Power supply is external.
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