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EMT 140 Large Plate Reverbs

EMT 140 Large Plate Reverb

EMT 140 Vintage Large Plate Reverb. Currently being serviced and we can offer a choice of tube or solid state plate amps.

EMT 140 Large Plate Reverb

I don’t care what anybody or their Gearslutz mother says, to my ears there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, to compare with the rich natural sound of an EMT plate reverb. I grant you, these are not the smallest box of frogs in the universe, but if you have the space (and who needs a bedroom after all?) this is one mean dude that will put a smile on the face of your clients, if not your sour-faced mum.

I’ve paraphrased some blurb from the Universal website (excellent reading as usual) but to add my few pennies’ worth, would say that these plates have come from the original owner, one of the most prestigious studios in Europe, where they were kept from new in a dry, air-conditioned plate room. We’ll service and can offer a choice of tube or (my preferred) solid state plate amps. They sound quite amazing and cost more than a house when new. Decades have been spent trying to emulate the sound digitally without success.

Plates in this condition are as rare as rocking horse teeth. Dreaaaaaaammmmmy!!

Read more about the EMT plate reverb here.

EMT 140 Dimensions:

  • 2.4 m long
  • 1.266 m tall
  • 33.2 cm wide

In addition:

  • The three plates with the handle at the top are: 1.31 m tall in total
  • There is one plate with an external remote motor which is 20 cm taller (1.466 m in total)
  • Please reffer to the manuals scan (in the gallery) for further details.

EMT 140 Weight: 600 pounds.