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Calrec 24 Channel Classic Console

Calrec 24 Channel Classic Console front

Classic Calrec 24 channel desk in beautiful condition

This Calrec 24 channel desk is in beautiful condition, inside and out.

Very much a classic now, with a full-bodied sound to match, these desks are increasingly rare and treasured by their owners.

Late 1970s, compact and bristling with facilities, this is the closest thing to a vintage Neve you can get, but at a fraction on a Neve price.

In stock, ready to be tested and gone through, this won't last long so get in touch now if you want more details.


Channel (PQ1785): -

Modified for separate mic and line (line i/p on DSub).

Modified for individual phantom power.

5 switchable (pre/post) auxes.

Echo Send switchable to 2 echo send outputs.

Switchable (pre/post) insert.

Switchable (pre/post) separate output (direct out).


Routing to: -

4 stereo groups with 5 switchable (pre//post) auxes and switchable inserts. All pre/post.


Routing to:-

2 Stereo Outputs with 5 switchable auxes and switchable inserts All pre/post.

2 Stereo Echo Returns with 5 switchable (pre/post) auxes All pre/post


Comprehensive PPM Monitoring.


2 Stereo Width Controllers.

8 linkable Compressor / Limiters.

4 linkable Gates.

Supplied with 8m EDAC to D Subs cables.

4 off Convection (no fans) PSUs with 3m cables.

Calrec 24 channel classic console

Dimensions 1.35m wide, 0.9m deep, 1.15m high