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Neve 2252 x 2 Extremely Rare 1960s Limiters

Neve 2252 x 2 Rare 1960s Limiters front

Neve 2252 x 2 Extremely rare 1960s germanium predecessors of the classic 2254 comp/limiters. Very few remain. Great condition

Here's something you don't see every year of the week...

These may look like good-old bog standard Neve 2254s but they are in fact the early predecessors, 2252 Compression Amplifiers' Germanium transistor based (so have the creamy EMI sound) they are as rare as a first-take vocal. Indeed, in my eighty some-odd years of high-tech totting I had never come across any before.

These have been lovingly refurbished by our vintage guru, Dave Way, and are ready to grace the racks of a new home.

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