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  1. AKG SE300B/CK91 Cardoid Collette Microphone (Used)

    AKG SE300B cardioid pencil microphone with CK91 capsule. Used, in great condition.

  2. Scorchio!
    API 3208 Analogue Recording Console 32 channels

    API 3208 Analogue Recording Console (Used)

    API 3208 32 Channel Analogue Recording Console. Used, serviced by our in-house techs.

  3. DK Technologies MSD600C 5.1 (Used)

    DK Technologies MSD600C 5.1 six-channel surround audio meter with Jellyfish display.

  4. DK Technologies PTO600C-5.1 (Used)

    DK Technologies PTO600C-5.1 with PPM/VU level meter, audio vector oscilloscope and phase meter.

  5. Scorchio!
    EMT 140 Large Plate Reverb

    EMT 140 Large Plate Reverbs

    EMT 140 Vintage Large Plate Reverb. Currently being serviced and we can offer a choice of tube or solid state plate...

  6. FLEA C12 Classic Tube Microphone (Used)

    This Flea C12 classic tube mic was built to vintage spec, totally original but less than half the price!

  7. Funky Junk Industries Quad Mic Pre and PSU (Used)

    Funky Junk Industries Discrete 4 channel mic pre/psu (API 3124 style). Used, in excellent condition.

  8. Great River 32EQ Harrison 500 Series (Used)

    A used Great River Harrison Single Channel 32 EQ 500 Series Rack, in excellent condition.

  9. Lewitt LCT 840 Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone (Used)

    The Lewitt Audio LCT 840 is a super-low self-noise multi-pattern tube microphone with a spectacular view. Used, in...

  10. Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor (Used)

    The Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor is a modern classic, perfect for any studio setup. Serviced, in great...

  11. Millennia Media STT1 Recording Channel (Used)

    Millennia Media STT1 Dual toplogy (tube and solid state) channel strip. Serviced.

  12. Scorchio!
    Neumann U47 Original Tube Microphone

    Neumann U47 Original Tube Microphone

    Neumann U47 long body tube microphone with VF14 tube.

  13. Scorchio!
    Neumann (Telefunken) U67 Classic Tube Microphone front

    Neumann U67 (Telefunken) Classic Tube Microphone

    Neumann (Telefunken Badged) U67 Classic Tube Microphone, with stand mount cable, case and fully serviced with warranty....

  14. Neumann VMS70 Cutting Lathe

    The industry standard Neumann VMS70 record cutting lathe.

  15. Neve 33114 3b Swept EQ/ Mic Pre

    A rare Neve 33114 3b swept eq/mic pre in 10 series case. Serviced, in excellent condition.

  16. Neve 53 Series Mixing Console


    This excellent Neve 53 Series Mixing Console...

  17. Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Ch console (Used) - SOLD

    The used Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Channel recording console

  18. Peluso P28 Small Diaphragm Tube Microphone (Used)

    The Peluso P28 is a fixed cardioid small diaphragm tube condenser microphone inspired by the legendary pencil vacuum...

  19. Scorchio!
    Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console

    Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console (Used)

    A solid Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console, serviced, in excellent condition.

  20. Soundfield ST250 Microphone Kit (Used)

    Complete Soundfield ST250 Microphone system kit, in great condition, serviced by Soundfield.
  21. Spendor LS3/5A classic passive reference monitors

    SPENDOR an original matched pair of LS3/5A in perfect electronic and reasonable cosmetic condition. Incredible speakers...

  22. SSL AWS 948 Delta Analogue Console USED

    We often get used SSL AWS consoles so please contact us with your requirements.

  23. SSL XLogic E Signature Channel (Used)

    This SSL XLogic is the iU rack mounting version of the SSL G Series console master buss compressor. Unique opportunity...

  24. Scorchio!
    Studer C37 front

    Studer C37 Tube 2tr with Provenance (Used)

    This Studer C37 is in excellent condition. Get in touch for further details!

  25. Telefunken V72 Tube Mic Pre (Vintage)

    The Telefunken V72s was used by most European Recording Companies such as EMI, Decca and Telefunken as a microphone...

  26. Scorchio!
    Teletronix LA 2A Limter/Compessor

    Teletronix LA 2A Limiter/Compessor (Vintage) SOLD

    Teletronix LA2A Classic Tube Limiter/Compessor. Currently being serviced. Fantastic and rare.

26 Item(s)

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