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  1. AKG C28B Original Tube Mic

    A rare AKG C28 classic tube mic. Made in Austria. Serviced by our in-house techs. Superb for vocals. Original 6072 valve.
  2. API 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ

    This is a used API 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ. Designed by the legendary Saul Walker in the '60s, the discrete 550A was...

  3. Scorchio!
    Calrec 24 Channel Classic Console front

    Calrec 24 Channel Classic Console

    Classic Calrec 24 channel desk in beautiful condition

  4. Crane Song STC-8 Stereo Compressor USED

    Here's a used Crane Song STC-8 Discrete Class A Stereo Compressor in great condition internal and cosmetically. Comes...

  5. Scorchio!
    EMT 140 Large Plate Reverb

    EMT 140 Large Plate Reverbs

    EMT 140 Vintage Large Plate Reverb. Currently being serviced and we can offer a choice of tube or solid state plate...

  6. JDK Audio 8MX2 Mixer/Microphone Preamplifier USED

    JDK Audio 8MX2 - Compact and powerful rack mount 8 x 2 x 8 Mixer and 8 channel Microphone Preamplifier. The JDK Audio...

  7. Neumann VMS70 Cutting Lathe

    The industry standard Neumann VMS70 record cutting lathe.

  8. Neumann/Gefell CMV-563 Tube Condenser Microphone (Vintage)

    Neumann/Gefell CMV-563 Detachable-Capsule Tube Condenser Microphone, serviced by our mic tech guru Dave Way.

  9. Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Ch console (Used) - SOLD

    The used Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Channel recording console

  10. Rogers LS3/5A classic passive reference monitors

    An original pair of Rogers LS3/5A in perfect electronic and reasonable cosmetic condition. Incredible speakers from a...

  11. Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console (Used)

    A solid Soundcraft 6000 SERIES Mixing Console, serviced, in excellent condition.

  12. Soundfield ST250 Microphone Kit (Used)

    Complete Soundfield ST250 Microphone system kit, in great condition, serviced by Soundfield.
  13. Scorchio!
    Trident Vector 432 Classic Console - front

    Trident Vector 432 Classic Console

    The Trident VECTOR 432 Classic Console was designed in the late 1980s as Trident’s answer to the ubiquitous SSL 4000...

  14. Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity Preamp and DI

    Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity tone bending microphone and line preamplifier and DI.

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