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  1. BAE 312A Single Channel Mic Pre USED

    This second hand BAE 312 single channel mic pre is boxed as new

  2. CADAC Classic Custom 16-8-8 Desk RARE

    Cadac were one of the ‘big three’ classic console manufacturers in the 1970s, along with Neve and Helios. As expensive,...

  3. Calrec 24 Channel Classic Console

    Classic Calrec 24 channel desk in beautiful condition

  4. Chandler Little Devil EQ 500 Series USED

    Chandler Little Devil EQ 500 Series Equaliser Module in excellent used condition

  5. Fender Electric 12 'Hockey Stick’

    'Hockey Stick’ Vintage 1966 Electric 12 string
  6. Genelec 8351A with 2 x 7370A SAM Pair (Used)

    Monstrous combination of a pair of Genelec 8351A monitors with a pair of 7370A subwhoofers.

  7. Hohner Organaphone 1965 Combo Amp

    Beautiful Hohner Organaphone Combo. 2 x 12.
  8. MXR Pitch-Shift Doubler

    A 1980's MXR Pitch-Shift Doubler.

  9. Neumann KM85 Condenser Microphone (Vintage)

    Superb Neumann KM85 mics (without badges) same as the KM84 but with fixed low end roll off. Several available.

  10. Neve 2262 Compressors x 2 USED

    The Neve 2262 circuit schematic is identical to the Neve 2264. It's essentially a 2264 in a different package. Those...

  11. Roland MKS80 w PG80 Programmer

    MKS80/PG80 Classic analogue synth with programmer.
  12. Royer R122 Ribbon Microphone USED

    Royer R122 Ribbon Microphone USED complete with wooden box

  13. Sound Scourge NV73PQ Mic Preamp

    The Sound Scourge NV73PQ Mic preamp is a modern Neve mic pre clone. With external PSU.

  14. Tannoy Lockwood Major Vintage Monitors

    Original 1960s/1970s Tannoy Lockwoods in great condition.

  15. The Fair Man - Master SSL Compressor

    SSL style Compressor: unique! In great condition.

  16. Trident Audio Series 88 Custom 24 Channel Analogue Console with VU Meters (EX DEMO)

    The Trident 88 Custom is a classically styled, in-line, 24 Channel 8 Buss Fully Modular Analogue Console and an...

16 Item(s)

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