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Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Semi-Modular Synth

Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Semi-Modular Synth

Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Complete, Fully Patchable, Semi-Modular Synthesiser.

Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Semi-Modular Synth

The Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Synthesiser offers direct access to a wide array of modern, analogue monosynth sounds. Without a single patch cable, floor shaking bass and aggressive leads are just a few knob tweaks away. Plugging in a few patch cables opens the Pittsburgh Modular System 10 Synthesiser to complex experimentation by offering unlimited control over both the modulation and audio signal paths. The full functionality of the Waveforms Oscillator, Lopass Gate, LFO, Envelope Generator, VCA, Midi, Mixer, and Outputs can be split apart and used as standalone synthesiser modules. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled, modular synthesizer are available as an open, patchable, modern synth.


The System 10 Synthesiser features a complex waveforms oscillator. Standard triangle, square, and saw waves are available alongside a sub oscillator and our new blade wave. The blade wave is a rich, modulatable saw that can be controlled in several unique ways. The System 10 Synthesiser also features our new Lopass Gate. The Lopass Gate uses a highly tuned set of vactrols to produce everything from natural sounding filter sweeps and res’d out piercing leads to organic percussion. The Lopass Gate has 3 modes of operation: Low pass filter, VCA, and lopass gate. In lopass gate mode, the filter combines the features of both the low pass filter and VCA to produce a harmonically rich, intricate sound.

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