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Korg MONOTRON Ribbon Synth

Korg - MONOTRON - Ribbon Synth

Korg MONOTRON Ribbon Synth comes with a headphone jack input for private use

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UK List Price: £39.00 ex VAT

UK List Price: £46.80 inc VAT

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Korg MONOTRON Ribbon Synth


  • VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • VCF with Cutoff and Peak Control
  • LFO can be applied to the Pitch (VCO) or Filter(VCF)
  • Ribbon controller keyboard
  • Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 & MS-20
  • Aux input jack lets you apply filter to any audio source
  • Built-in speaker and battery power for Go Anywhere Analog sound
  • Headphone jack for private use

Versatile LFO provides audio – and visual – excitement! The LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) can affect either the oscillator pitch or the filter cutoff. Both the speed and the intensity are individually adjustable, so you can create anything from a gentle vibrato to swooping tone changes of galactic proportions. As you turn the LFO Rate knob – featuring an embedded LED – the speed of the modulation effect and the speed of the blinking LED will change in tandem.

Ribbon controller keyboard offers easy expression Borrowing the enjoyment of performing with a simple touch from Korg's wildly popular KAOSS products, the monotron's ribbon controller keyboard takes this ease of use even farther. Simple finger gestures can produce expressive effects such as vibrato and glide.

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