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Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesiser

Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesiser - Front
Unleashing the new Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesiser. The MatrixBrute is an extremely powerful 3 VCO analogue synthesiser with extraordinary modulation possibilities.

Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesiser

The 49 key MatrixBrute builds on the legacy of Arturia's enormously popular and industry-shifting MiniBrute and MicroBrute analogue synthesizers. The deep yet hands-on architecture puts extraordinary amounts of analogue sound design and modulation into the hands of the musician in an instant, visual and tactile way – with 256 capacity preset storage to save your creations.

Under the hood, the MatrixBrute sports two complex analogue VCOs, one core VCO/LFO, with extensive FM and Sync inter-modulation. It features two multimode filters – the aggressive Steiner Parker combined with a classic Ladder filter design, and both can be routed in series or in parallel. There are no less than three envelope generators, and two dedicated and syncable LFOs, and the most striking element on the panel…a 16x16 modulation matrix for vast and complex modulation routing, yet with clear visual feedback. With the four flexible "User" Matrix destinations, nearly any panel control of the synthesizer can be modulated. And MatrixBrute is Monophonic, Duophonic and three-note Paraphonic.

MatrixBrute is analogue at heart, therefore beyond standard MIDI, USB and studio audio connectivity, it features no less than 24 CV connections on the rear panel allowing extensive interfacing with compatible analogue synthesizers and modular systems. Its matrix panel also doubles as a visual control interface for the interactive 64-step sequencer provided onboard, and panel controls both send and receive MIDI information for computer automation possibilities.

Top top it off, MatrixBrute features a wide-ranging multi-stage analogue BBD delay section, allowing for extraordinary effect design, ranging from classic analogue delay to choruses, flangers and reverbs. This section can also be extensively modulated and forms an integral part of the sound engine, combined with audio inputs and Envelope Follower, turns MatrixBrute into a wild external audio processor as well as extraordinary analogue synthesizer.

MatrixBrute offers a lifetime of exploration - easy to understand, yet a phenomenal source of inspiration.

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