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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Effects Processor Module

TipTop Audio Z-DSP Effects Processor Module - Front

TipTop Audio Z-DSP Effects Processor Module for Eurorack modular systems.

TipTop Audio Z-DSP Effects Processor Module

The TipTop Audio Z-DSP is a digital effects processor for eurorack modular systems.

ZDSP uses an open source programming architecture with cartridge based programming. Simply swapping out the cartridge changes ZDSP from a huge reverb processor into a multi-mode filter module.

Since the format is completely open, the format is not fixed so you are free to programme ZDSP or buy individual cards to suit your requirement.

TipTop ZDSP hosts a massive array of CV and audio connectivity, voltage control of most parameters is possible along with a dedicated internal fedback loop for creating deep immersive soundscapes.

Like all other TipTop modules, music making and creativity is at the epicentre of the ZDSPs design philosophy.

A powerful open platform effects processor with a high degree of customisation and connectivity, ZDSP is a must for any modular user.

The main features of the TipTop Audio ZDSP Eurorack Effects Processor include:

  • Open Source digital effects processor
  • Cartridge based system allow for quick algorithm changes
  • Full CV control and flexible audio routing capabilities
  • 28Hp wide
  • Requires 130mA @ +12V or 36mA @ -12V

TipTop Audio Z-DSP Specifications

8Hp wide

Requires 130mA @ +12V or 36mA @ -12V

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