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Tiptop Audio TOMS909 Eurorack Tom Drum Module

TipTop Audio TOMS909 Eurorack Tom Drum Module - Front

TipTop Audio TOMS909 Eurorack Tom Drum Module brings you the classic sound of the Roland TR-909.

TipTop Audio TOMS909 Eurorack Tom Drum Module

Sound circuitry of Roland TR-909's low, mid and high tom tom in one Eurorack module. All available on individual outputs and the tunings can be voltage controlled.

The Toms909 has been designed like the punchy tom-tom section of a brand-new 909 with extended tune range for soft bass drum sounds. Tuning is voltage controlled and allows for audio FM, although inputs don't track 1V/oct. The circuitry is based on nine triangle oscillators and the boards are packed with 450 components!

Each Tom has potentiometers for Level, tune, Decay time and an attenuator for the accent. The Accent CV-input is normalised to the gate input but can be modulated with any CV. Besides, each tom's tuning is voltage controllable and the inputs have attenuators. The three drums are available at individual outputs but there's also a mix output.

TipTop Audio TOMS909 Specifications


Each tom has a gate input, an accent CV input, a tune CV input and one audio output.

The Mix Out carries the mix of all three toms


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 50mm deep.

Current draw: 120mA @ +12V and 100mA @ -12V


0.198 kg



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