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Tiptop Audio CB808 Cowbell Module

Tiptop Audio CB808 Cowbell Module - Front

Tiptop Audio CB808 is the analogue cowbell from the TR-808 as a narrow Eurorack Module.

Tiptop Audio CB808 Cowbell Module

MOOOO! The analog cowbell from the TR-808 is now available as a narrow Eurorack module from TipTop Audio. Re-creating the original sound was the main focus when developing this clone but the circuitry has been extended with a pitch modulation by an internal LFO that will give the cowbell an even more living sound.

As all TipTop drum modules the CB808 can generate loud and hot levels so you can distort the sound and create additional harmonics. Full level can be reached when you crank up the Level and Accent parameters. For a clean sound keep the level maximum at 70%.

The accent circuitry is dynamic and also affects the sound. The louder the pulse at the accent input is, the louder the sound gets and in addition it has more attack. The accent level can be set with a potentiometer. The accent input is normalised to the gate input when no cable is inserted to the accent input. This will provide for a fat loud sound and you don´t have to worry about inserting an accent pulse. In addition the accent control will act as a fine output level control.

Although the sound of the real TR 808 cowbell is not static at all, TipTop has extended the circuitry by pitch modulation thru an internal LFO. Its rate and modulation depth can be set with the according controls.

Tiptop Audio CB808 Cowbell Specifications


Gate input, accent input, audio output (3,5mm socket, mono)


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide


0.05 kg



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