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Pittsburgh Modular ToolBox Noise Sample Module

Pittsburgh Modular ToolBox Noise Sample Module - Front

Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Slew Noise Sample & Hold & Inverter Module.

Pittsburgh Modular ToolBox Noise Sample Module

A versatile module capable of performing 4 distinct jobs at once.

  • Adjustable Slew Control
  • Noise Source
  • Sample & Hold
  • Voltage Inverter

Module Sections

Slew (Portamento)

Slew Amount Knob Controls the Amount of Glide

N-SH (Noise - Sample & Hold)

Noise Output (N) Sample & Hold Voltage Input (I) (Internally patched to Noise Output) Sample & Hold Hold Clock Input (H) Sample & Hold Voltage Output (O)

INVERT (Basic Voltage Inverter Flips the incoming Voltage From Positive to Negative or Negative to Positive)

Voltage Input (I)

Voltage Output (O)

Pittsburgh Modular ToolBox Specifiations

Size: 6hp

Depth: 25mm

Power Usage: 30mA

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