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Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analogue Synth with Sequencer

Moog Mother-32 front top

The standalone Moog Mother-32 is a semi modular analogue synthesiser with built in sequencer. The Mother 32, comes with a power supply and in a desktop case and can be rackmounted into Eurorack compatible cases and racks.

£549.17 ex VAT £659.00 inc VAT


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£549.17 ex VAT £659.00 inc VAT

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The Moog Mother-32 is a complete, patchable Moog voice with MIDI, clockable step sequencer on-board all controlling an extremely fat VCO and filter combination, with modulation. It's semi-modular with many nice touches under the hood.

Fully standalone, Mother-32 ships with power supply in a desktop case but, can be extracted and fitted/powered in a Eurorack modular case.

And with the affordable two and three-tier rack kits, multiple Mothers can be stacked together. Or purchase a blank case and use the second row to start a compact Eurorack system, supported by the Mother's impressive building blocks...

Mother 32 Features:

  • Complete Moog voice. Extremely flexible, extremely fat.
  • Semi-modular, no patching required to get sound.
  • Includes Moog Oscillator, High/Low Pass Filter, Wide-Range LFO (up to 600Hz), Audio Input, Two Voltage-Controlled Mixers, ASR Envelope generator, 32 Patch Points.
  • Standalone by default, patch cables and power supply included. Also Eurorack-able (requires only modest Eurorack power). 
  • Analogue Gate or MIDI clockable 32 step sequencer with 64 memories on-board for hands-on merriment.
  • Features MIDI > CV converter.
  • Two or three units can be easily stacked together with affordable rack kits.
  • Gateway drug for Eurorack synthesists. Add 2 tier rack kit, 60HP/104HP Moog cases and Eurorack power supply, and second tier can be filled with Eurorack modules.
  • Interfaces perfectly with Werkstatts fitted with CV expander, or other Mothers, other analogue synths, drum machines and Eurorack gear

Check out the video of the Moog Mother 32

Optional Mother-32 Accessories

6” Moog Patch Cables (5-Pack)

12” Moog Patch Cables (5-Pack)

2 Tier Mother Rack Kit (Also for use with 60 HP Moog case)

3 Tier Mother Rack Kit (Also for use with 60 HP Moog case)

60 HP Empty Moog Eurorack Case (Requires Eurorack power module for use)

Mother-32 Soft Carrying Case

Moog Mother-32 Tech Specs

  • Single VCO with simultaneous Sawtooth and Pulse wave Outputs (+/-5V)
  • 1 V/Octave from 8Hz to 8KHz (16KHz max with LFO/CV)
  • Panel Frequency control (+/-1 Octave)
  • Toggle Selector for waveform routed to the mixer
  • Pulse Width control
  • Linear FM and 1V/Octave Exponential FM inputs (+/-5V)
  • Output normalled to Ext Audio input
  • White Noise output (+/-5V)
  • Crossfades between selected VCO waveform and Ext Audio input (normalled to White Noise)
  • Mix CV input (+/-5V)
  • 20Hz to 20KHz switchable Low Pass/High Pass 4-pole Transistor Ladder Filter with voltage controlled Resonance
  • VCF Cutoff input (+/-5V)
  • VCF Resonance input (+/-5V)
  • VCF Output (+/-5V)
  • Selectable CV Source: EG or ON (drone)
  • VCA CV input (0 to +8V in EG mode and +/-5V in ON mode, summed with signals from ON/EG switch)
  • Output Volume Control (VCA Out and Line/Headphone Out)
  • VCA output (+/-5V) and rear panel 1/4" Headphone/Audio Output (+/-1.7V peak)
  • Square wave output (+/-5V)
  • Triangle wave output (+/-5V)
  • Selectable waveshape to VCO and VCF MOD sections
  • Panel Rate control .1Hz to 350Hz (600Hz max)
  • LFO Rate CV input (+/-5V)
  • Variable controls for Attack and Decay
  • Sustain ON/OFF for single-trigger (ASD) or multi-trigger (AD) behavior
  • External Gate input (0 to +5V; Tolerant of 10V gates)
  • EG output (0 to +7.5V)
  • Selectable Source: EG/VCO MOD or LFO (EG normalled to VCO MOD in)
  • VCO Mod input (normalled to EG/VCO MOD switch position)
  • Variable Modulation Amount control
  • Selectable Modulation Destination: VCO Pitch or PWM (PWM summed with Pulse Width panel control)
  • Selectable Source: EG or LFO
  • Variable Modulation Amount control
  • Selectable VCF Modulation Polarity (+/-)
  • Voltage controlled crossfade/mix circuit for mixing two DC coupled signals
  • Mix 1 Input (Normalled to ground)
  • Mix 2 Input (Normalled to +5V)
  • Mix Control CV input (-5V to +5V)
  • Mix Output: Un-inverted output (-5 to +5V)
  • 1x input 2x output signal multiplier
  • Mult Input: Buffered signal
  • Mult Outputs: 1 and 2
  • Single octave 13-note keyboard (In Step Edit Mode this is used to select, mute and enable sequencer steps.)
  • Octave Up/Down buttons select from 8 available octave settings
  • Glide Time control
  • KB CV output (-5 to +5V)
  • Gate Output (0 to +5V)
  • Dual-mode 32 step sequencer with 64 sequence locations
Performance Modes:
  • In KB Mode, the Keyboard is used to play the instrument, enter sequence data and transpose sequences.
  • In Step Mode, the keyboard functions as the step sequencer interface and is used to enable and mute steps, update note data and select sequence banks.
  • Each sequence step includes: Note Value, Gate Length (Tie), Rest On/Off, Accent On/Off, Glide On/Off and Ratchet count (up to 4 note-repeats occurring in the duration of a single note)
  • Sequencer Panel Controls: Tempo, Swing, Run/Stop, Hold, and Reset
  • Sequencer Control Inputs: Tempo, Run/Stop (also used for sync), Reset and Hold
  • Sequencer Control Outputs: KB, Gate, Accent Pulse
  • The patchbay contains 32 patch points (3.5mm)
  • Available Inputs: External Audio, Mix CV, VCA CV, VCF Cutoff, VCF Resonance, VCO 1V/Octave, VCO Linear FM, VCO Modulation, LFO Rate, Mix 1, Mix 2, VC Mix Control, Mult, Gate, Tempo, Run/Stop, Reset and Hold
  • Available Outputs: VCA, Noise, VCF, VCO Saw, VCO Pulse, LFO Triangle, LFO Square, VC Mix, Mult 1, Mult 2, Assign, EG, KB, Gate

Multipurpose control output for selecting from 16 available functions: Sequencer Accent, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Clock /2 Sequencer Clock /4, Decimated "Ramp”, Decimated "Saw”, Decimated "Triangle”, Stepped Random, STEP 1, MIDI Note On Velocity, MIDI Channel Aftertouch, MIDI Pitch Bend, MIDI CC1 Mod Wheel, MIDI CC2, MIDI CC4 and MIDI CC7

  • Dimensions: 12.57“W x 4.21“H (with knobs) x 5.24“D
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Power Consumption: 2.8W
  • Included Power Supply: 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, +12VDC 1A
  • Patchbay: 32x 3.5mm jacks
  • Rear Panel Audio Out: ¼” Headphone / Audio
  • Current Draw: 230mA (+12V – from 10-pin header)
  • Mounting Dims: 60HP (.69” 26mm Module Depth)

Check out the sounds of the Mother 32