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RMGI SM911 Two Inch Tape

RMGI - SM911 two inch/10.5

RMGI SM911 two inch/10.5" reel of tape for broadcast and studio use.

RMGI SM911Two Inch Tape

The equivalent of Ampex 456, this tape has a more musical sound and handles better on most machines that GM900 (GP9 equivalent), with far less shedding or print-through. An excellent tape

Standard bias studio tape, specially designed for compatibility with industry standard for use in music studios and broadcasting for:

  • multitrack and
  • mastering recording.


  • high level uniformity up to the highest frequencies and
  • excellent DC noise
  • excellent winding even at high speeds

For those diehard analogue tape fans out there, panic no longer. Not merely is tape once more available and plentiful, the new RMGI 911 and 900 (Grand Maxima) tapes are in fact Emtec by another name, and as we all know, EMTEC make the best tape around.

BASF sold the plant, the formulae and the expertise of their superb EMTEC branc to Dutch conglomerate RMGI, and production is rolling once more. Indeed, not merely is the tape as good as ever, but prices are keener as befits this new, digital age.

After the stop/go tape drought of the past two years, this is indeed good news. Celebrate, my brothers and sisters, and record to your heart's content.

Quantity discounts available please call or email for price
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