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Signex CPT96D25 Isopatch Bantam Patchbay

Signex CPT96 Isopatch 48 Way Bantam Patchbay

Signex CPT96D25 Isopatch 96 Way Bantam Patchbay with Rear DB25 Connectors.

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£287.30 ex VAT £344.76 inc VAT

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Signex CPT96D25 Isopatch Bantam Patchbay

The Signex Isopatch Bantam is based on the same design that has made the Isopatch so popular, but uses the 4.4mm 'Bantam' Jack widely accepted in professional studios. The Bantam Jack, designed and built to withstand the heavy duty use encountered in a professional environment, offers superior contact performance in a much smaller space.

The twin Bantam Jack used in the Isopatch Bantam is of an enclosed design that helps to keep out the contaminants that shorten contact life, with spacing to accept twin 'stereo' plugs. Contacts are silver or gold plated phosphor-bronze with optional solid palladium switch contacts.

All components are mounted on two horizontal printed circuit boards (PCBs) which makes the Isopatch Bantam very solid and gives full access to most of the circuitry including parallel points and the special 'program pads' for normalising. The use of flexible jumper cables between top and bottom PCBs means that the Isopatch Bantam can be opened up for servicing if needed.

Unlike conventional patch panels, the Isopatch offers half or full normalising on every channel by simply soldering across special 'program pads' on the top PCB - No need for tedious hard-wiring. In fact, if the Isopatch Bantam is already installed, you don't even have to unplug the rear connectors. The redesigned PCB now offers 25 way D-sub connectors wired to the Tascam 38/88 pattern, so that wiring looms can be made up separately, then just plugged in on site.

Alternatively, direct solder versions are available with on board cable-tie points for every channel. The Isopatch can be used for most types of audio signal including mono, stereo, balanced and unbalanced lines. It can also be used for mixer insert points without the need for special 'splitter' leads


  • Two rows of 48 Bantam Jacks in 1U of rack space
  • Enclosed Jack design keeps out dust and dirt
  • 25 way D-sub rear termination
  • Half and full normalling available on all channels
  • Suitable for balanced/unbalanced and stereo signals
  • Lacing Bar Kit available for extra rear cable support
  • Neat slide-in strips for socket designation
  • Suitable for insert points without special leads
  • PCB parallel wiring points for every Jack

Signex CPT96D25 Specifications

Front sockets

  • 4.4mm Bantam Jack sockets

Rear termination

  • CPT96D25 - Rear 25 way D-sub female

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

  • CPT96D25 - 483 x 45 x 71
  • CPT96T - 483 x 45 x 69

Net weight

  • CPT96D25P - 1085g
  • CPT96TP - 930g


  • Half and Full normalising programmable on every channel
  • Switch contact resistance
  • Switch contact life >10,000 operations
  • Min. rack opening required: 442m
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