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Micco Universal Wall Mounted Mic Stand

Micco - MICCO Universal Wall Mounted Microphone Support System

Micco Universal Wall Mounted Microphone Support System

Micco Universal Wall Mounted Mic Stand

Already own a reflection screen ? Micco Universal is an adapted support system from the micco range which allows you to mount your clamp mounting screen safely and securely to the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. Built to the same robust standards with a 5/8" solid stainless steel clamping bar.

The micco provides a complete solution for any recording environment - even control rooms - with little space. No need to dismantle after use or assemble every time you want to record.

Perfect for vocal, brass and woodwind, harmonica, acoustic guitar etc

Micco chooses not to compete with any existing system just set's standards of it's own in both cost and functionality.


  • WALL MOUNTED - freeing up valuable floor space
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - over 650mm
  • REFLECTION SCREEN - Attach any suitable clamp mounted reflection screen (SE Reflection etc)
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - solid stainless steel attachment bar

Micco Universal Wall Mounted Specifications

Height - 800mm

Width - 250mm

Weight - 4.5kg

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