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Micco Studio Wall Mounted Mic Stand

Micco - MICCO Studio Wall Mounted Microphone Support System

Micco Studio Wall Mounted Microphone Stand Support System

Micco Studio Wall Mounted Mic Stand

The Micco Studio Wall Mounted Microphone Support System enables you to get a professional microphone sound in any space where a normal microphone stand does not fit.

When securely fixed to a suitable wall the Micco Studio does the job neatly and efficiently. No need to dismantle out of the way, or assemble every time you require to record. Perfect for vocal, brass, violin, acoustic guitar and more. Over 600mm of adjustment means you can cater for Jarvis Cocker or a voice over from Bill Oddie.

The fixed reflection screen is made of perforated curved aluminum lined in a premium acoustic foam. Perfectly situated behind the mic it eliminates unwanted rebound frequencies, giving true vocal booth quality sound to your recordings.

The Micco Studio requires four fixing screws to a suitable wall creating an instant vocal booth. Constructed using only the best materials, its modern look will provide a lifetimes service to any home project studio or busy professional recording studio.


  • Wall mounted - freeing up valuable floor space
  • Height adjustable - over 650mm
  • Fixed reflection screen - perforated, lightweight aluminum lined with a premium acoustic foam
  • Adjustable Mic Boom
  • Headphone Hanger
  • Easy to install
  • Solid construction
  • Made in the UK
  • Dimensions: Height 800mm, Width 250mm, Weight 4.8kg
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