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Latch Lake MicKing 3300 Boom Mic Stand

Latch Lake MicKing 3300 Mic Boom Stand

Get up to 20 foot with the Latch Lake MicKing 3300 Large Microphone Boom Stand in its vertical configuration and an astonishing 3 feet in the MK3300 compacted state.

Latch Lake MicKing 3300 Mic Boom Stand

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The King of micKings. Three sections of vertical mast and three sections of boom mast.

Latch Lake micKing’s base design creates 360 degrees of stability with its outer perimeter containing 90% of the weight. The mast
meets the base utilizing a 6 inch solid hardened steel arbor for a secure base to mast connection. The tube extensions
on the mast and boom are adjusted by Latch Lake Lever Locks®, a simple yet extremely strong clamp design that opens and closes by a lever.

The boom is supported by the worlds strongest microphone Boom Clutch that utilizes a patented double disk break system to guarantee its positioning. To top it off, the microphone Spin Grip Mic connection truly holds any mic at any weight and any angle. Any microphone at any angle. The micKing was done right with thought put in to every square inch. Every necessity of an engineer’s dream microphone boom stand is integrated to its design.

From its ability to hold exactly where you put it, to the ease and security of every adjustment. There is no stand in its class that can measure up to the quality of the micKing boom stand. When buying a microphone boom stand a person is typically looking for a stable stand to securely hold their potentially valuable and irreplaceable microphones. Unfortunately there aren’t any stands that by them selves can be trusted for this job (without the aid of gaff tape and sand bags). Not with a micKing though! When you put a microphone up on a micKing you know it’s going to stay exactly where you put it. Not only are you getting security with this stand, you’re getting reliability and durability. These stands have proven themselves in audio schools for over 6 years and have not yet failed, earning them the title STUDENT PROOF. These stands will last a lifetime!


• At full extension reaches nearly 21 ft.

• The worlds strongest Boom Clutch®.

• Single release Latch Lake Lever Locks® with built in cord clips are featured throughout all stand adjustments

• 29 lb base with 90% of the weight on the outer perimeter.

• 7lb chrome plated adjustable detachable, counterweight.

• Built in tilt wheels.

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