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VOVOX Excelsus Direct A RCA Stereo Pair (1.5m)

VOVOX Excelsus Direct A RCA Stereo Pair

Non-shielded high end interconnect cable for music aficionados and mastering studios. The Reference

Two extra large solid core conductors, no shielding: an interconnect cable for an uncompromising listening experience. Whether for mastering studios or for high end home audio systems - this is the reference cable from VOVOX for unbalanced audio signals.

Due to their very large solid core conductors this cable is stiff and therefore not suitable for every application and it benefits from careful handling. This cable is non-shielded, which enables a further improvement in sound quality. Therefore a certain risk of interference must be taken into consideration. For problematic connections (e.g. phono players) or for long cables (> 150 cm) it is recommended to use the shielded version VOVOX®excelsus protect A


  • length 150 cm
  • stereo pair L/R with RCA connectors
  • solid-core conductors for signal and ground
  • conductors made of the purest available copper
  • netting of natural fibres around every single conductor wire
  • non-shielded
  • RCA connectors from Furutech with rhodium plated contacts
  • handmade in Switzerland
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