Acoustic Treatment

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  1. Primacoustic Broadway Control Columns

    Primacoustic Broadway Control Columns which are wall mounted in order to absorb sound

  2. Primacoustic Broadway Scatter Blocks

    Primacoustic Broadway Scatter Blocks are designed to be randomly placed around your room

  3. Primacoustic Cumulus Tri-Corner Bass Trap

    Get rid of room 'boominess' with the Primacoustic 1210 Z840 Cumulus Tri-Corner Bass Trap.

  4. Primacoustic FlexiBooth Instant Vocal Booth

    Primacoustic FlexiBooth wall mounted Instant Vocal Booth which diminishes reflection from the performers front and...

  5. Primacoustic FlexiFuser Combination Diffuser

    The Primacoustic FlexiFuser Combination Diffuser acoustic treatment which combines diffusion with absorption

  6. Primacoustic FullTrap Broadband Bass Trap

    Primacoustic 1100 Z840 FullTrap Broadband Bass Trap is the perfect bass trap for small rooms

  7. Primacoustic London 12A Room Kit

    Convert your room onto a acoustically treated studio with the Primacoustic London 12A Room Kit

  8. Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Bass Trap

    Primacoustic 1110 Z840 MaxTrap Broadband Bass Trap acoustic absorber for bass frequency control

  9. Primacoustic Razorblade Quadratic Diffuser

    Primacoustic Razorblade Quadratic Diffuser specifically designed to break up and scatter acoustic energy

  10. Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud

    Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud acoustic room treatment

  11. Primacoustic VoxGuard™ Nearfield Absorber

    Primacoustic VoxGuard™ Nearfield Absorber portable acoustic screen

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