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Kaotica Eyeball Acoustic Treatment

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The Kaotica Eyeball Acoustic Treatment uniquely isolates your vocals from unwanted environmental noise

£165.83 ex VAT £199.00 inc VAT

UK List Price: £175.00 ex VAT

UK List Price: £210.00 inc VAT

Availability: Usually 1-3 working days

Kaotica Eyeball Acoustic Treatment

Professionally record your vocals anytime, anywhere, simply by placing the Eyeball on your microphone.

The Eyeball is acoustical treatment that isolates your microphone from the external environment. Rather than treating your surroundings, the Eyeball is designed to target the two most important variables in the recording process: your voice, and the microphone. By focusing your voice to an isolated microphone, the Eyeball is able to capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment, all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any coloration. Creating your ideal recording space is as easy as placing the Eyeball over your favorite microphone.

Control Your Sound - Captures your pure vocal tone without any coloration

Cut back on mixing - Lessens the need for excess equalization and post production processing

Integrated Pop-Filter - Includes a built-in, detachable pop filter

Reduce Ambiance and Reflection - Isolates and treats your space while reducing the external environment

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