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Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Mic Preamp

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Valve Mic Preamp / DI / Reamp

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Valve Microphone Preamplifier,Direct Injection, Reamplifier

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Valve Mic Preamp

The Ridge Farm Industries "Gas Cooker" is a high performance all-valve, twin channel Microphone Amplifier and DI box. It excels in direct injection of high impedance instruments such as electric guitar, bass, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer. It may also be used to add a variable degree of valve warmth and presence to any sampler or hard disk recording system for any mono or stereo audio source.

In order to meet professional standards, the Gas Cooker includes a switchable 20dB input pad, a buffered, unbalanced line output (pre-gain control), and both balanced and unbalanced post gain control outputs. The balanced output features transformer isolation with a maximum gain of 3, and switchable ground lift, while the unbalanced output has a maximum gain of 30x, enabling instruments such as guitars, keyboards etc to be matched to the line input of a mixing console.

Carefully designed, high voltage valve circuitry enables the user to vary the drive level to the output tube stage, making it possible to control the amount of harmonics and coloration added to the signal.


Guitars & basses

Use it on instruments with active or passive pickup systems. You can also connect it between guitar and effects pedals. High gain settings give exceptionally warm valve colouration. Use both Cooker channels to provide a balanced split to two amps.

Electronic keyboards

Treat in the same way as electric guitar signals. High gain settings will introduce significant colouration. If the source signal is relatively strong, you can produce a classic 'rock organ' sound. More subtle setting of the Gain control will affect mainly high frequency sounds, enhancing both transient detail and presence.


The Gas Cooker will subtly enhance any signal when connected to the console's insert points. The best results are usually achieved by setting the Cooker to unity gain. If this produces too high a level of colouration, switching in the pad and taking the signal from the unbalanced output will compensate for lost gain.


To enhance the complete mix, connect both channels of the unit via the console's master stereo insert points. For a more pronounced effect, use higher gain. High levels of colouration work best on individual instrumental sounds.


To re-create that classic 'valve mic' sound, connect one channel of the Gas Cooker to the insert point of a mic channel using, the unbalanced jack output. For subtle coloration,set the Pad switch to on and adjust the gain control to provide approximately unity gain. Higher degrees of coloration can be achieved on higher gain settings or by switching off the Pad.

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Specifications

Front panel controls
Output gain controls with unity gain markings
Earth lift switches
-20dB pad switches

Front panel in/outs
Unbalanced jack outputs (pre gain control)
Balanced XLR outputs

Rear panel controls
Illuminated power on/off switch
IEC mains input
Voltage selector 120v/240v
Unbalanced line outputs (post gain control)

Max gain
30x to unbalanced output
3x to balanced output

Frequency response
28Hz to 25kHz (-3dB)

Input impedance
1 M ohm

Output impedance
500 ohms balanced
1.5 k ohms unbalanced

Noise at max gain
Better than -65 dB

305 mm (w)
190 mm (d)
72mm (h)

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