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Neve 4081 4 Channel Mic Pre

Neve 4081 4 Channel Mic Pre - Front view

Neve 4081 4 channel microphone preamplifier with the legendary Neve design, gives four independent & genuine 1081 Mic/Pre or Line input channels

The Neve 4081 4 Channel Mic Pre offers Four independent & genuine 1081 Mic/Pre or Line input channels.

Robust Desktop mounting design with rubber feet & carrying handles. 2x 4081 units can be fastened together, to give 8-channels of Mic/Pre or Line inputs in a 19" wide unit.

Gain control per channel (+20dBu to +70dBu in 5dBu steps) with Signal Presence and Clip LED indication.

XLR Mic input can be switched between Mic and electronically balanced Line. Line level up to 20dB gain in 5dB steps.

Phantom Power source for microphones, 20dB pad, Phase and Low Z functions per channel.

Unit can be controlled from front panel or all functions controlled remotely by Mac or PC computers (Mac only initially), using a USB connection and the dedicated Neve

Remote Control software or remote control via midi from ProTools. Up to 16 boxes can be connected together off one daisy-chained control cable.

Controlled by USB or RS485. If controlling multiple boxes, the first box can be connected via USB and the cascaded boxes via RS485 connections. Or all boxes can be controlled via RS485.

Optional Digital output/Sync card with selectable sample rate and Sync Source When units are daisy-chained together 1 Master box controls the sample rate & sync for all cascaded slaves.