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  1. Neve 1073 DPA Dual 1073 Mic Preamp

    Get a big, punchy sound that compliments any musical genre with the Neve 1073DPA Two-Channel 1073 microphone...

  2. Neve 1073 DPD Dual Mic Pre with A/D Converters

    Neve 1073 DPD Two-Channel 1073 Mic Preamp with Digital Out

  3. Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ

    Latest edition to the classic Neve lineup, the Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ features two channels of Class A 1073...

  4. Neve 1073 LB 500 Series Preamp

    Inject your microphone or line level signals into that legendary universe of Neve with the Neve 1073 LB 500 Series...

  5. Neve 1073 Mono Micpre & 3 band EQ

    Hand built Class A module - Neve 1073 Mono microphone preamplifier & 3 band equaliser.

  6. Neve 1073N Classic Standalone Mic Pre & EQ

    The Class A Neve 1073N Standalone Microphone Preamplifier and Equaliser. The punchy sound of the 1073 complements any...

  7. Neve 1073SPX Single channel Mic preamp and EQ

    The Neve 1073SPX is a Single channel Preamp and EQ with extra features. Launched in 1970, the Neve 1073® Classic soon...

  8. Neve 1081 Stereo Mic / Pre EQ in 2 Way rack

    2 classic Neve 1081 mono mic pre / EQ modules in a 2 way powered rack.

  9. Neve 1081R Mono Mic Preamp Module

    The Neve 1081r mono 1081 microphone preamplifier module.

  10. Neve 1084 Mono Mic pre and 3 Band EQ Module

    The Neve 1084 microphone preamp and equaliser is based on the Neve 1073 but with a slightly different pallette of...

  11. Neve 4081 4 Channel Mic Pre

    Neve 4081 4 channel microphone preamplifier with the legendary Neve design, gives four independent & genuine 1081...

  12. Neve 88RLB 500 Series Mono Preamp Module

    The Neve 88RLB 500 Series Mono Preamp Module built on the technology from the Neve 88RS console. Neve 88RLB comes with...

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