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Millennia Media HV-32P Portable Mic Preamp

Millennia Media HV-32P

The Millennia Media HV-32P offers two channels with DC coupled ribbon, pad and phantom switches, perfect for the modern DAW studio, or on the move.

Millennia Media HV-32P Portable Mic Preamp

Carry the HV-32P with you, stack the HV-32P horizontally or vertically, bolt three of them into a Middle Atlantic rack shelf—these preamps are designed to deliver Millennia quality from desktop to treetop.

Authentic Transparency for Unrestricted Creativity from the HV32P

  • Continuously variable gain control
  • DC coupled ribbon mic with 10dB gain boost setting
  • 48V phantom power
  • 15 dB PadPolarity flip
  • 12 to 15V operation - 100 to 240V line lump power supply, 12V output, included
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