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SSL XLogic X-Rack E Series EQ Module

SSL XR425 E Series EQ Module For X-Rack/Mynx

The SSL XR425 E Series EQ Module for X-Rack / Mynx which derived from the classic Solid State Logic SL 4000, which features on countless 80's recordings.

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SSL XR425 E Series EQ Module

The new E Series EQ Module is one of two new modules for the X-Rack/Mynx SuperAnalogue™ modular mixing and processing system. The new E Series Modules reproduce the legendary sonic signature of an early 80’s classic, the SL 4000 E console channel strip, which was featured on countless 1980’s recordings.

The E Series EQ Module features two different EQ’s found on editions of the console produced between 1979 and 1987. Each EQ has unique response curves and tonal character. They are distinguished by the colors used on the LF knob caps so the two flavors have become known as the ‘Brown’ and ‘Black’ EQ’s. On the E Series EQ Module you can switch between these two different flavors of EQ that have been loved by generations of professional producers.

Key Features:

  • Immortal SSL 4000 E Series circuitry
  • “Black-242” and “Brown-02” twin EQ design
  • Bell curve option on HF and LF
  • Fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q
  • Based on classic 611E console channel strip
  • The ‘Brown’ EQ, featured on the discontinued SSL E-Signature Channel Strip, is now uniquely available on the E Series EQ Module.

    A little SSL EQ history

    Prior to 1987 SSL used the colour of the Low Frequency EQ knob caps to indicate which type of EQ was fitted. All consoles were custom built and could feature different combinations of EQ module. The following colour codes apply:

    E Series BROWN: The original SSL EQ fitted to all consoles prior to the summer of 1985. Despite the rumours these equalisers only came in one version. The EQ card was called the ‘02’.

    E Series ORANGE: The infamous EQP equaliser. This was a variation on the Brown EQ with controls simulating the curves of a valve type EQ. Very few were sold. This card was named the ‘132’.

    E Series BLACK: The last version of the standard E series EQ. It evolved in the early 1980’s from discussions with many top engineers and proved very popular. The EQ card was called the ‘242’.

    G Series: With the arrival of the G Series console in 1987 the colour coding was abandoned and the classic SSL end cap colour scheme used today was adopted. First introduced in 1987 the original G Series EQ introduced Q characteristics which were proportional to gain settings and had a degree of over shoot when boosting and under shoot when cutting.

    The current generation of SuperAnalogue console EQ (featured on Duality, AWS 900 + SE & the X-Rack EQ module) are switchable between EQ characteristics that offer either the E Series ‘Black’ EQ or the G Series EQ.

  • SSL XR425 Specifiations

    Physical *

    • Depth
    • 200mm / 7.9 inches including front panel knobs, excluding connectors
    • 275mm / 10.9 inches including front panel knobs and connectors
    • Height 171mm / 6.75 inches
    • Width
    • 35mm / 1.4 inches front/rear panels
    • 49mm / 1.9 inches overall width (front and rear panels are offset)
    • Weight 260g / 9.5 ounces
    • Boxed size 190mm x 290mm x 70mm / 7.5" x 11.5" x 2.5"
    • Boxed weight 460g / 16.5 ounces

      * All values are approximate


    • Temperature
    • Operating: +5 to 30 deg. C
    • Non-operating: –20 to 50 deg. C
    • Max. gradient: 15 deg. C/hour
    • Relative Humidity
    • Operating: 20 to 80 %
    • Non-operating: 5 to 90 %
    • Max. wet bulb: 29 deg. C (non-condensing)
    • Vibration
    • Operating: < 0.2 G (3 – 100Hz)
    • Non-operating, power off: < 0.4 G (3 – 100Hz)
    • Shock
    • Operating: < 2 G (10ms max.)
    • Non-operating: < 10 G (10ms max.)
    • Altitude
    • Operating: 0 to 3000m (above sea level)
    • Non-operating: 0 to 12000m

    EQ Curves

  • HF Band controls:
  • Frequency Variable from 1.5kHz to 16kHz
  • Gain Variable between ±15dB (‘Brown’)
  • Variable between ±18dB (‘Black’)
  • ‘Q’ 0.8 (‘Brown’)
  • 1.3 (‘Black’)
  • HMF Band controls:
  • Frequency Variable from 600Hz to 7kHz
  • Gain Variable between ±15dB (‘Brown’)
  • Variable between ±18dB (‘Black’)
  • ‘Q’ Variable from 0.5 to 2.5 (‘Brown’)
  • Variable from 0.5 to 4 (‘Black’)
  • LMF Band controls:
  • Frequency Variable from 200Hz to 2.5kHz
  • Gain Variable between ±15dB (‘Brown’)
  • Variable between ±18dB (‘Black’)
  • ‘Q’ Variable from 0.5 to 2.5 (‘Brown’)
  • Variable from 0.5 to 4 (‘Black’)
  • LF Band controls:
  • Frequency Variable from 30Hz to 450Hz
  • Gain Variable between ±15dB (‘Brown’)
  • Variable between ±18dB (‘Black’)
  • ‘Q’ (on ‘BELL’ setting) 0.8 (‘Brown’)
  • 1.3 (‘Black’)
  • Performance Specification*

    • THD + N
    • < 0.003% at +20dBu 1kHz
    • < 0.003% at +20dBu 10kHz
    • Frequency Response
    • ±0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
    • –6dB at 100kHz
    • Output Headroom > +26dBu at onset of clipping
    • Noise
    • < –80dBu (+4dBu operating level)
    • < –92dBu (–10dBV operating level)

    * See User Manual for measurement conditions & references

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