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Overstayer Ampeq-02 Mic Preamp and EQ

Overstayer Ampeq-02 Mic Preamp and EQ front

The Overstayer Ampeq-02 is a 1U dual-channel mic and line preamp with and two-band vintage-style passive EQ and Harmonics control for unrivalled tone shaping capabilities.

Overstayer Ampeq-02 Mic and Line Preamp

The Overstayer Ampeq-02 is a 1U dual-channel mic and line preamp and two-band vintage-style passive EQ designed to provide unrivalled tone shaping capabilities ideal for modern day digital recording studios.

The Overstayer Ampeq-02 preamp section accommodates for microphone and line inputs while plugging an instrument into either of the ¼” sockets located at the front of the unit engages the DI circuit no matter what mode is selected.

Ultra versatile, the Ampeq-02 is graced with a unique harmonics section which lets you control how much character you desire on any source. Ideal for adding punch to your drums, crunch to your bass and synths, or giving apparent loudness to your guitars, the Ampeq-02 gives you the power to shape the tone of your instruments or stereo buss very easily. The harmonics circuitry employed gives the preamp, three different voicing each with its own character. With the Harmonics out, the Ampeq-02 delivers the cleanest sound with the most headroom and lowest harmonic distortion. Switch to Harm 2 to add 2nd-order while Harm 3 creates 3rd-order harmonics for the most coloured sound. Both Harm 2 and Harm 3 clip the signal softly reducing the dynamic range while increasing perceived loudness.

The harmonics section is closely followed by a vintage-style passive EQ reminiscent of Pultec designs and offering LF boost at 30Hz, 60Hz and 100Hz and cuts at 50Hz and 100Hz which can be used simultaneously to create mid band cuts. In addition the Ampeq – 02 features a HF Boost control allowing the boosting of the signal at 4 kHz, 8 kHz, or 12 kHz adding presence or some air to the signal. Pulling the HF Boost out will bypass the whole EQ section.

Much more than a simple mic pre with Eq, the Ampeq-02 offers an incredibly vast palette of analogue colouration and character adding tonal complexity that works with virtually any source.


Overstayer Ampeq-02 Preamp and EQ Overview:

• Extremely versatile recording channels

• World-class discrete mic/line preamp

• Unique Harmonics control adding 2nd or 3rd order harmonics, adding weight, punch and crunch

• Vintage-style, Pultec inspired passive EQ with LF Boost and Cut for mid-band cuts, and HF boost

• Ideal to add analogue warmth to digital recordings

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