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Neve 1073 Mono Micpre & 3 band EQ

Neve 1073 Mono mic-pre + 3 band EQ - Front view

Hand built Class A module - Neve 1073 Mono microphone preamplifier & 3 band equaliser.

The Neve 1073 Mono mic-pre + 3 band EQ. Fixed high frequency and fixed Q + high pass filter.Born on the 10th of May 1970, the 1073 preamp is possibly the world’s most desirable and famous preamp. Originally fitted to the custom console for Wessex A88, the module was used extensively during the 1970’s on standard Neve recording consoles such as 8014. This hand built Class module offers 3 bands of EQ with one fixed high frequency band and two switchable bands with cut and boost. Neve Channel Amplifiers are designed to accept signals from microphone and line sources. Low noise and distortion and generous overload performance are important features of these amplifiers. These modules are the same as the original designs and contain all of the original components. These very popular sounding mic pre’s are considered by many to capture the very essence of the legendary Neve sound.


  • Classic transformer mic amp.
  • 3 EQ bands.
  • Hand crafted to original 1970 design.
  • HP filter.
  • Neve designed hand wound transformers.
  • Both inputs are transformer balanced and earth free.