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Maag Audio EQ2 500 Series EQ

Maag EQ2 - 500 Series EQ - Front

The Maag Audio EQ4 500 Series EQ provides tight or wide bell curve options to achieve the perfect amount of warmth. Maag EQ4 is a one channel 2 band equaliser.

Maag Audio EQ2 500 Series EQ

The Maag Audio EQ2™ (500 Series) is a no compromise one channel 2 band equaliser with AIR BAND®, Low Mid Frequency (LMF) bell boost from SUB to 1.4 kHz, and an INPUT ATTN to control down to –12.5 dB of attenuation. The EQ2’s AIR BAND® is equipped with an additional sassy frequency selection @ 15 kHz, making the EQ2 hard to resist in any situation. The LMF provides both tight or wide bell curve options to dial in the perfect amount of warmth on the 2-bus. When it comes to tracking, the EQ2 will quickly become your favorite preamps’ “better half” by controlling the input (INPUT ATTN) (great for correcting over driven mic preamp transformers) before eq’ing with the versatile AIR BAND and LMF. The EQ2 is compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox® and 500VPR rack systems and any other 500 Series spec rack.

Following its EQ4® predecessor, the EQ2 provides unparalleled transparency and top end presence with the same high quality components found in the powerhouse 6 band EQ4. EQ adjustments are obtained with minimal phase shift and detent controls allow for easy re-callable settings, even on the INPUT ATTN.

Maag Audio EQ2 Specifications



Frequency Response-2 dB points, 10Hz & 75kHz
Nominal Input Impedance XLR)48 K Ohms, balanced
Nominal Output Impedance (XLR)50 Ohms, balanced
Headroom+27 dBu
THD + Noise< 0.005%
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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