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AMS Neve RMX16 500 Series Digital Reverb

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AMS Neve RMX16 500 Series Digital Reverb

The original AMS RMX 16 digital reverb has been heard on millions of records since the 1980s and is revered as one of the classic early digital reverbs of our time. Now AMS Neve have reintroduced it to the market in a 500 series format.

AMS Neve RMX16 500

The world’s first microprocessor-controlled, full-bandwidth digital reverberator and characterized an enormous number of seminal recordings from the 1980s onwards, now in 500 series form.

  • An 18kHz bandwidth, allowing it to also be used as a high quality digital delay line.
  • 90dB dynamic range and 0.03% distortion in delay mode.
  • Adjustable input and output levels for optimum signal to noise performance.
  • Low power consumption (and therefore cool running).
  • Independent control of each program’s fundamental reverberant parameters.
  • Nudge Buttons to increment or decrement data for all selectable reverberation functions.
  • Alphanumeric program descriptions for ease of use when storing or recalling information for the unit’s memory.
  • New rotary push encoder enabling all parameters and settings to be adjusted by ear.
  • New wet/dry mix blend function.
  • New save/recall feature with 100 user-defined memory slots.
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