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SSL X-Logic G-Series Compressor

SSL X-Logic G-Series Compressor

SSL X-Logic G-Series Compressor classic VCA stereo master compressor, which is based on the legendary SSL 4000 G-series.

SSL X-Logic G-Series Compressor

The SSL XLogic G Series Compressor is a stereo bus VCA compressor featuring their SuperAnalogue circuitry.

Derived from their classic SL 4000 centre-section compressor, the XLogic G Series uses the SSL SuperAnalogue circuitry to give complete control over your stereo mixing environment.

As ever, with this stereo bus compressor Solid State Logic has continued its commitment to sonic excellence and great build quality. Housed in a 1-U rack-mount casing, it has a simple and easy to understand layout with gain reduction meter, threshold, attack, ratio, release and make-up gain. Separate buttons turn the circuit on and allow access to the side-chain source and Autofade control. The mix bus compressor also comes fitted with a very useful rotary knob to automatically control the rate of the fade-time.

Long considered indispensable by recording engineers the final mix capabilities of the SL 4000 bus compressor are now available in the innovative X-Rack format, with the SSL XLogic G-Series Compressor.

Fitted with XLR sockets for inputs, outputs and key in, the G Series Bus Compressor operates at +4dBu, with an output level of +24dBu available. It also comes fitted with a socket on the rear panel to allow remote control of the auto fade function.


  • Legendary SSL G Series stereo bus compressor 
  • Gain reduction meter as fitted to the classic SSL console range
  • External side-chain source select
  • Auto-fade with rate control automatic linear fade in/out control
  • Remote Connector for remote operation of the auto-fade function
  • Selectable high-pass filter for the side-chain 
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