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Overstayer M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor

Overstayer M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor

The Overstayer M-A-S is a stereo analogue processor designed to provide true analogue colouration in a simple and flexible rack mount unit.

Overstayer M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor

The Overstayer M-A-S bends transients and adds harmonic distortion creating an increased apparent volume without affecting time domain artefacts associated to compression. Hi and Low EQ curves are included to shape the sound further while the Emphasis lets you shape the harmonic content of the source. A High pass filter is also included. a Mix button allows for the blending of processed and unprocessed signal for more subtle effects. With push buttons and rotary switches, the M-A-S makes it easy for recalls and precise settings.

The M-A-S can be used on individual tracks to add the cumulative effects of harmonic colouration or on the mixbuss to energise a mix and increase its cohesiveness. When used on single tracks, the M-A-S can be pushed hard to add consistency and control over transients, making the mixing or balancing process easier.

Instrument inputs at the front allow you to connect your instruments (bass, synths, drum machines and more) which will benefit greatly from the harmonic richness that the M-A-S has to offer. On the back Aux inputs and outputs are included to add further flexibility in how the unit can be used.


Overstayer M-A-S Main Features:

2 Multi Analog Stage Channels in a single space 19” rack-mount chassis

Highly controllable, reactive analog chain that bends transient peaks and adds low order harmonics, simply brings analog character and vibe to any source

Increase apparent loudness without timing artifacts

Integrated EQ, filter and emphasis curves to shape harmonic content

Mix control to balance processed to unprocessed signal

Continuous DRIVE control for resolution with switched MIX and OUTPUT controls for stereo matching and easy recall

High impedance input to bring the analog goodness and inspired performances to bass, synth, and drum machines

Power supply included with rugged 5 pin XLR connector and IEC cable

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