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Elysia Mpressor Compressor

Elysia Mpressor Class A Stereo Compressor

Elysia Mpressor Compressor provides all the punch in the world

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Elysia Mpressor Compressor

The mpressor is a new tool for creative dynamics processing. On top of the tried and tested standard features, this creative compressor provides several special functions that produce fat and freaky sounds by employing a punchy control behavior, colorations full of character and extreme settings.Besides classic tracking applications, its favorite domains are groovy effect compression and creative sound design.

Each of both linkable channels offers a switchable Auto Fast function that allows very fast yet distortion-free compression without any artifacts. The Anti Log circuit generates explicit compression effects such as pumping and breathing.

As the mpressor is a true feed forward design, it also allows negative ratios which result in the most ex-treme over-compression effects.

The Niveau Filters can change the character of a track from subtle to striking with the possibility of a continuous frequency shift.

The Gain Reduction Limiter is a novel feature that lets the user choose the maximum amount of Gain Reduction he wants to draw from the unit, and this at the twist of a knob.

The switchable external sidechain inputs make for further flexibility in terms of compression behavior.

The circuit design of the mpressor is completely based on discrete analog technology. The entire signal processing is implemented with single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the sidechain and power supply are composed of fully discrete circuits.

An oversized power transformer, capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers, internal temperature stabilizers for critical components as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical finesse.

The combination of these elements aims at the maximum reachable signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics even when extreme settings are used.


  • 100% Discrete Class-A

    As a true elysia specialty, the mpressor is completely based on discrete circuitry and does not use any integrated circuits at all.

  • Auto Fast

    Inspired by its big brother: the switchable semi automation for a perfect attack on the basis of the value set by the user.

  • Anti Log

    This alternative characteristic of the release curve follows an antilogarithmic course instead of the standard linear progress and produces a much more audible result.

  • Negative Ratios

    The characteristic curve bends and goes back down! Heavy pumping, backward sounds, etc. – perfect for very cool compression effects.

  • Audio Filter

    Just as the alpha the mpressor features a Niveau Filter. According to its creative approach, it here allows even stronger sound shaping results.

  • External Sidechain

    You want to create frequency dependent compression or have it accented by the groove? The switchable sidechain inputs make nearly everything possible!

  • Gain Reduction Limiter

    This novel limiter is not placed in the audio path as usually, but restricts the control voltage of the compressor instead.

  • Analog Dynamic LED Meter

    The gain reduction meter modulates its LEDs in their brightness in order to show the action of the compressor in an analog way: fast and with smooth transitions.

  • Transconductance Amplifier

    The mpressor’s custom discrete gain reduction cell provides low noise, extremely fast time constants and all the punch in the world.

  • T12 Heater

    The single transistors are kept at a constant temperature by the use of this heating system which helps to avoid parameter drifts.

Elysia Mpressor Specifications

If you are interested in learning more about typical measurements and technical specifications of the mpressor, this is the right place to check.

Frequency response:

@ 0 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz

@ +10 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz

0.04 %


Noise floor:

20 Hz - 20 kHz (A-weighted)

-84 dBu

Dynamic range:

20 Hz - 22 kHz

109 dB

Maximum level:



+25 dBu

+27 dBu




10 kOhm

68 Ohm

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