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Elysia Alpha Compressor

Elysia Alpha Stereo Compressor

Elysia Alpha Compressor for dynamic processing

Alpha Stereo Compressor

The alpha compressor is a mighty tool for professional dynamics processing. Featuring innovative functions with perfect technical implementation and an absolutely uncompromising quality of sound, it sets new standards for mastering applications and for cultivating any kind of audio material. It offers M/S processing, parallel compression as well as sidechain and audio filters, just to name a few.

The circuitry is a complete new development that provides an amount of openness and clarity which can hardly be found in present gear.

Every single part of its signal processing is realized by using single transistors running in constant class-A mode, and even the sidechain and power supply use discrete circuits. All components are of the highest grade available and were exclusively chosen according to their tonal excellence.

These benefits result in an audio quality that is beyond all doubt. Even when extreme adjustments are used, the sound characteristics stay clean and powerful. Consequently the alpha compressor offers suitable settings for nearly any style of music and can always be employed in profitable ways. The enhanced functions exceed the potential of normal compressors by far and enable unimagined options for mastering and recording tasks.

Quotation: “The alpha compressor is an exceptional development not to be found in the world market a second time. The integrated M/S matrix plays an important part, of course, and also the details of the sophisticated concept and the elaborate technology push the unit into the top flight of the market easily.”


  • 100% Discrete Class-A

    The alpha compressor represents the art of discrete signal processing consequently. ICs have to stay out without any ifs and buts.

  • Integrated M/S Matrix

    As an alternative to standard stereo operation you can process the mid and side signals, opening up completely new options for your work!

  • Feed Forward & Feedback

    The type of compression can be chosen for each channel individually, making two different compressors available at the push of a button

  • Auto Fast

    A switchable semi automation that always provides perfect attack and release on the basis of the values set by the user – even with complex material.

  • Audio Filter

    The Niveau Filter is specialized in forming the tonal characteristics of a track very effectively without much of an effort.

  • Sidechain Filter

    The alpha compressor features on-board frequency selective compression. This avoids complex routings in favor of an effective workflow.

  • Parallel Compression

    Also available directly on the unit: the direct and the compressed signal can be blended in any desired relation by simply turning the mix controller.

  • Signal Matrix

    The direct and the processed signal can be monitored individually or together by the push of a button in each channel (left & right or mid & side).

  • Soft Clip Limiter

    Tames short and loud transients and smoothens the signal peaks, and thereby protects following AD converters from clipping.

  • Switchable Transformers

    The sound of iron: yes or no? Both! The alpha compressor makes this option switchable, so you can decide for each track individually.

  • Analog Dynamic LED Meter

    The gain reduction meter modulates its LEDs in their brightness in order to show the compressor’s action in an analog way: fast and with smooth transitions.

  • Passive Current Attenuator

    The alpha's custom discrete gain reduction cell provides extreme speed, enormous bandwidth and superior sound.

  • T16 Heater

    This system keeps sensitive parts of the discrete circuitry at a stable temperature and thus protects them against parameter aberrations.

  • VOVOX Sound Conductors

    The internal audio cabling is also no place for compromise. By the use of VOVOX solid core the sound remains vivid, dynamic and punchy.


Alan Yoshida | Ocean Way Mastering | Hollywood, CA, USA

"I am stunned. I am more than impressed! The sound is very transparent, especially the amplifiers are amazing."

Alix Stanford | Solid Sound Studio | Nice, France

"Great analog is back, with a color and details that stand with the best studio outboards...This is the mastering tool."

Andy VanDette | Masterdisk | New York, NY, USA

"What’s that – a switchable M/S matrix? Well, finally somebody has come up with something like this. The sound is open and transparent ... very good for mastering."

Brian Lucey | Magic Garden Mastering | Delaware, OH, USA

"The alpha is easily the most powerful and well built dynamics tool ever made ... The best of German engineering with an inspired design? Yes it is!"

Eric Valentine | Barefoot Recording | Hollywood, CA, USA

"The alpha really helps to get in definition ... you can pick certain instruments in the mix precisely. You know, it’s a pretty remarkable piece."

Günter Pauler | Pauler Acoustics | Northeim, Germany

"The alpha compressor by elysia disproves all of my experiences and reservations. This machine is a milestone in analog dynamics processing."

Hans Soldeck | Pacific Sound | Iserlohn, Germany

"I got the alpha compressor for a test run and couldn't let it leave the studio again. A technical and visual synthesis of the arts and an unrivaled must have."

J-P | Masterdisk Europe | Paris, France

"A mix feature is exactly what I needed! Now I can have both: A hard working compressor and still a nice transparent sound."

Kai Blankenberg | Skyline Tonfabrik | Düsseldorf, Germany

"The alpha compressor is one of these units that make you ask yourself: How did I actually do it before?"

Philippe Tessier Du Cros | PTDC Music | Paris, France

"The alpha compressor is always on my 2-buss. I can’t make without this unit and its M/S matrix ... Everything would sound lifeless and dull without it."

Plus XXX Crew | Plus XXX Studios | Paris, France



Rodolphe Plisson | AVRM Mastering | Paris, France

"I like the all-in-one concept of it. You would need quite a number of different units to be able to do everything the alpha does."

Roland Kupferschmied | Brauhof Mastering Studio | Wald ZH, Switzerland

"With the alpha compressor, I have finally found the right tool, because its functions are really tailored to the job."

Stephen Keusch | Gondwana Studio | Bochum, Germany

"What can I say? I'm totally thrilled. Sometimes you do not really feel the compression; it's more something like super fine leveling."

Stephen Marcussen | Marcussen Mastering | Hollywood, CA, USA

"Testing the alpha, we could even bring some groove back into an over-compressed track. It really sounds excellent. Listen! It's an impressive device!"

"I'm always skeptical when it comes to compressors, as so much of the material we have here every day is already way much too compressed. Testing the alpha, we could even bring some groove back into an over-compressed track. It really sounds excellent. Listen! It's an impressive device!"

Svante Forsbäck | Chartmakers | Helsinki, Finland

"After having tried the alpha compressor for three days I have to say: What a great sounding compressor ... My search for the ultimate compressor is finally over."

Yves Delaunay | Dyam Mastering | Paris, France

"Believe me, on these speakers you can hear absolutely everything. And what I can hear from your compressor right now is very, very convincing."

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