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Chandler RS124 Compressor Matched Stepped Pair

Chandler RS124 Compressor Matched Stepped Pair

The Chandler RS124 Compressor contains three historic Abbey Road RS124s compressors in a complete unit.

Chandler RS124 Compressor Matched Stepped Pair

The Chandler RS124 Compressor matched pair has been specifically calibrated for stereo operation. It has stepped output attenuation controls giving you precise control of the output level for easy recall and matching two units together.

The Chandler RS124 compressor is a faithful recreation of the EMI/Abbey Road RS124. This coveted valve compressor was redesigned in partnership with EMI/Abbey Road.

The Chandler Limited RS124 has an incredible smooth character. It can tame transients without sucking life out of the source and became an instant classic. Its unmistakable sound can be heard on many classics from the Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more. The RS124 is ideal for tracking, mixing and even mastering (with two units paired). It is an integral part of the legendary Abbey Road sound.

Chandler's new iteration brings some interesting updates for modern use. First of all, it combines three different historic models into one unit. The three units 60070B, 60050A and 61010B offered different performance. Both the 60050A and 61010B were favoured on bus or entire mixes while the 60070B was for tracking. These modes are featured on the adjustable attack, another improvement on the original. Another appointment is the Superfuse which engages a more aggressive personality.

Chandler RS124 Compressor Main Features:

  • Designed in partnership with Abbey Road
  • Three variations in one reimagined legend
  • Input control
  • Stepped Output attenuation
  • Recovery (release) control
  • The unique ‘HOLD’ setting
  • Adjustable attack
  • Selectable output impedance
  • The ‘SuperFuse’

Chandler RS124 Compressor Specifications

Channels: Single-Channel

Chassis: 19-in. Rackmount

Rack Spaces: 2U

Digital I/O: No

Input Connectors: Analog XLR

Output Connectors: Analog XLR