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A-Designs Reddi V2 DI Box

A-Designs Reddi V2 DI Box - Front

A-Designs Reddi V2 DI Box dual channel version of the REDDI Valve DI Box now housed in a 19” rack-mount case.

A-Designs Reddi V2 DI Box

The A-Designs REDDI v2 features the exact same circuitry as the original REDDI Tube Direct Box with a single NN1P dual triode valve mounted on ceramic sockets in each channel coupled with a custom-wound Cinemag output transformer.

In addition to the XLR and input and outputs, the front panel includes a Switchcraft 1/4" Thru jack for situations where connecting to an amplifier is require for example when recording bass or guitars. It delivers 1 meg-Ohm input impedance to ensure that the sound of guitars and other Hi-Z instruments are not changed.

The REDDI v2 dual channels mean that it is possible to record a guitar and a bass simultaneously or to connect stereo electronic keyboards and synths. 


  • Dual channel version of the REDDI Tube Direc Box
  • 6N1P Valve in channel
  • Huge, custom-wound Cinemag output transformer
  • 1meg ohm impedance to avoid unwanted colouration
  • Switchcraft ¼-inch THRU  jack
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