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SSL VHD Pre for 500 Series

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SSL VHD Pre for 500 Series - Front

SSL VHD The SSL VHD Pre 500 Series delivers the ultra-clean sound of SSL SuperAnalogue mic pres

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SSL VHD Pre for 500 Series

The SSL VHD Pre for 500 Series format brings the versatile mic preamp found on Solid State Logic’s duality and AWS consoles to the 500 series format.

The SSL VHD Pre delivers the ultra-clean sound of SSL SuperAnalogue mic pres but adds a switchable VHD mode which adds rich analogue harmonic distortion for a much edgier sound. As you increase the gain on the preamp the Variable Harmonic Distortion adds 2nd or 3rd order harmonic distortion or a blend of the two to add subtle valve colouration or the more aggressive transistor edge.

The SSL VHD for 500-series is extremely simple to use. It features three rotary controls called Drive, Trim and a +20/+75dB gain control. The Drive control lets you add the amount of 2nd or 3rd order harmonics when the VHD In switch is activated. The +20/+75dB control lets you set the input level while the Trim adjusts the output level from -20dB to +20dB.

In addition the VHD mic preamp features a switchable high-pass filter with continuously variable frequency knob ranging from 15Hz to 500Hz, a Hi-Z impedance switch for microphone impedance matching, 48V phantom power and a phase polarity switch. A Pad button also allows the mic pre to be used at line level.


  • Uniquely versatile recording and processing
  • Ultra clean SSL SuperAnalogue grade preamp
  • Switchable VHD system adds controllable 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion
  • Switchable LF Filter (15Hz to 500Hz)
  • Hi-Z switch for high impedance microphone use
  • +48V Phantom Power with status LED
  • PAD for use with line level source material
  • Phase invert switch
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