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  1. Antelope Audio Edge GO USB Modelling Microphone

    Antelope's latest addition to the 'Edge' family incorporates a built in preamp, direct USB connectivity, and unprecedented...
  2. Antelope Audio Orion32 HD | Gen 3 Audio Interface

    The Antelope Audio Orion 32HD | Gen 3 is a 64-channel HDX & 32-channel USB 3.0 Audio Interface

  3. Antelope Audio Orion32+ | Gen 3 Audio Interface

    The Antelope Audio Orion32+ | Gen 3 is a 64-channel Thunderbolt™ and 32-channel USB AD/DA Converter

  4. New Product
    API 312 50th anniversary  (Perspective)

    API 312 50th Anniversary 500 Series Mic Preamp

    The API 312 50th Anniversary Edition is a faithful reproduction of the original 312 microphone preamp used in API...

  5. New Product
    API 529 Stereo Compressor- front

    API 529 Stereo Compressor

    The API 529 Stereo Compressor is a 500 series unit that implements both modern and vintage compression methods, based...

  6. Special Offer
    APS Aeon 2 Bundle

    APS Aeon 2 & Bass Extender Active monitor bundle

    The APS Aeon 2 Bundle from Funky Junk combines a pair of Aeon 2 near/midfield monitors with the Aeon 2 Bass Extender to...

  7. APS Aeon 2 Bass Extenders (Pair)

    The APS Aeon 2 are some of our favourite nearfields here at Funky Junk, however if you love that Aeon 2 sound but want...

  8. New Product
    Austrian Audio Hi-X55 MAIN

    Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Professional Over-Ear Headphones

    Hand-made in Austria, featuring 44mm Hi-X driver features a ring magnet system. Tailored to suit the demanding production...
  9. Avantone CLA100 Class A/B Studio Power Amplifier

    The smaller brother of the popular CLA200 delivering 100RMS of flawless Class AB amplification.
  10. Avantone CLA200 Studio Power Amplifier

    Built with NS10s in mind (and specifically the Avantone CLA10), the CLA200 delivers 200W into 8 ohms per-side.
  11. New Product
    Avantone CV12BLA Front

    Avantone CV12BLA - Multi-Pattern Large Capsule Tube Mic

    Black Lion Audio and Avantone team up to make their much-loved CV12 that bit cleaner and fuller.

  12. BAE 73EQL 500 series EQ

    Designed as an accompaniment to the 500 series BAE 1073MPL, the 73EQL aims to bring you the sound shaping and colouring...

  13. New Product
    Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller with Digital Input front

    Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller with Digital Input

    The Drawmer CMC2 is a compact monitoring controller with three input sources and two speaker outputs with a sub.

  14. New Product
    Drawmer CMC3 front

    Drawmer CMC3 Compact Monitor Controller with Digital Input

    The Drawmer CMC3 is a compact desktop active monitor controller with two 3 stereo source inputs, three stereo speaker...

  15. New Product
    Drawmer CMC7 front

    Drawmer CMC7 Compact 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

    A cost effective alternative to the MC7.1, the Drawmer  CMC7 is perfect for 5.1 & 7.1 applications that don't...

  16. Extinct Audio 'Black Ops' Ribbon Microphone

    Ruggedised version of our popular BM9 ribbon microphone. Supplied with hard-tail mount and box.
  17. Extinct Audio BM9 (The Viking) Studio Ribbon Microphone

    The Extinct Audio BMP (The Viking) is a versatile low noise studio ribbon microphone. The BM9 comes supplied with...

  18. Extinct Audio BM9 Studio Ribbon Microphones – Matched Stereo Pair

    This listing is for 2 x BM9 ribbon microphones. These microphones are tested and paired at our workshop, giving you a...
  19. Extinct Audio BMx2 ‘Valkyr’ Blumlein Stereo Ribbon Microphone

    Available now – this is the stereo version of the popular BM9 ribbon microphone.
  20. IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Decoupling Amplifier Isolators

    Stage 1 allows musicians to eliminate vibrational variables from their amplified speaker combos and cabinets.
  21. Microtech Gefell M 102 condenser microphone

    The M 102 is a 1" free-field equalised omni-directional condenser microphone from Microtech Gefell.

  22. Microtech Gefell M 221 condenser microphone

    Extremely precise, measurement-grade Microtech Gefell M 221 omni condenser microphone, perfect for Decca Tree...

  23. Moog One 16-Voice Analogue Synth

    The Moog One 16 is 61-key, 16-voice, Tri-timbral Analog Synth with 3 VCO, 2 Analog Filters, 4 LFOs, 3 Envelope...

  24. New Product
    Pultec EQH-2 Tube Program Equaliser front

    Pultec EQH-2 Tube Program Equaliser

    The Pultec EQH-2 Tube EQ is a single channel tube equaliser with class A output stage. It has been designed as a...

  25. New Product
    Quested MiniRedz Main

    Quested MiniRedz Active Monitors (Pair)

    The Quested Mini Redz are a special edition of the Quested V2104 active 2-way near-field reference monitors for...

  26. New Product
    Retro Instruments Doublewide II Tube Compressor front

    Retro Instruments Doublewide II Tube Compressor

    The new Retro DOUBLEWIDE II is a single-channel compressor that installs into two slots of a standard 500 series rack.

  27. New Product
    Roger Mayer 456HD-500

    Roger Mayer 456HD-500 500 series tape emulation module

    The Roger Mayer 456-HD is a 500 series tape-saturation processor designed to accurately simulate the harmonic and...

  28. New Product
    Royer R-DB20 dBooster SOS Gear of the Year

    Royer R-DB20 dBooster In-Line Signal Booster

    The Royer model R-DB20 is a phantom-powered ribbon and dynamic microphone signal booster and impedance buffer. It...

  29. New Product
    Sequential Pro-3 SE Synthesiser side

    Sequential Pro-3 SE Synthesiser

    Sequential Pro-3 SE, 3-voice paraphonic synthesiser with modular connectivity and three classic analog filters. All...

  30. New Product
    Sequential Pro-3 Synthesiser

    Sequential Pro-3 Synthesiser

    Sequential Pro-3, 3-voice paraphonic synthesiser with modular connectivity and three classic analog filters.

Items 1 to 30 of 49 total

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