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APS SUB 15 Active Subwoofer


APS SUB 15 Active Subwoofer with an additional Input Sensitivity Switch.

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APS SUB 15 Active Subwoofer

SUB 15 is a unique product. In the depths of the infra bass frequencies reproduced with incredible fidelity by the legendary 15 inch woofer from TAD you will find a new definition of bass. Powered by a massive 1000 Watt B&O ICE Power amplifier, SUB 15 delivers an amazing 108dB+ SPL at 20Hz.

Much of what we think is massive bass is really just loads of distortion at 200Hz to 300Hz! Some- times this distortion can approach 40 to 50% of the total sub output! SUB 15 is not designed for showing off dirty bass. It is a precision tool for the most demanding engineers opening the door to the "sub 130 Hz" world of the mix. Any judgement call made in that range using SUB 15 will be the right one.

SUB15 is a bass-reflex design for extended bass response. It offers an extended user control via its clearly laid out interface mounted on the rear wall.

SUB 15 is equipped with:

  • Two Combo Symmetrical Inputs (Big Jack & XLR)
  • Two XLR Symmetrical, not filtered Outputs
  • Two XLR Symmetrical, filtered above 70 Hz Outputs
  • Input Sensitivity Switch
  • Additional Input Sensitivity Switch + 6dB for systems with one subwoofer, 0 dB for systems with two subwoofers
  • Phase Switches (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
  • GROUND LIFT Switch
  • Deep Bass switch
  • Cut Off Switch
  • Stand By Indicator
  • “Unfiltered Switch” – in the lower position of the switch there’s no low-pass filters active.
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