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Quested V2108 Active Monitors (Pair)

Quested V2108 Active Near and Mid-field Monitors (Pair)

Quested V2108 Active Near and Mid-field Monitors

Quested V2108 Active Monitors (Pair)

Our new V2108 reference monitor takes a world-famous recipe and cooks up a hot new dish. Improved dynamics delivery and mid-range clarity have been at the heart of the design process for this new monitor and the system delivers these with astounding ability.

It takes our trusted driver layout, and teams it to the company’s new current-driven, floating drive stage Class A/B amplification platform, delivering two pristine channels of 200W to each of the drivers. The results are a mid-range that opens up a clearer picture of what is going on, plus the control from the extra power gives the V2108 a clean response down to 40Hz. Another reason for the clearer picture is the new dust cap on the custom 8” drive unit and improved stiffening of the cone, which extends the LF response.

One of the world’s finest speakers is ready to help your tracking, composing or mixing reach a new level.


  • Quested’s most successful self-powered monitoring system. Updated with 400W of our newest Class A/B amplification platform for clarity and dynamics beyond the ordinary.
  • World-renowned, low-fatigue Quested soft-dome HF technology.
  • Unique current-driven, floating drive stage Class A/B power.
  • Custom 8” drive unit for exceptional LF dynamics and extension.
  • HF Trim -1/0/+1dB
  • LF Trim -9/-3/0/+1dB.
  • 24dB/Oct crossover slopes for optimum drive unit efficiency.
  • High power delivery for cabinet footprint and size.
  • Pinpoint imaging for music or 5.1/Surround applications.
  • Will outperform even 10”-based monitor designs from other manufacturers.
  • Quested stands and SBC800 subwoofer systems available.

Quested V2108 Specifications

  • Size (WxHxD) 340 x 400 x 365mm
  • Weight 23kgs
  • Drivers
  • LF: 1 x 200mm (8”)
  • HF: 1 x 28mm (1.125”) soft dome tweeter
  • Maximum SPL 112dB
  • Frequency Responsev 40Hz - 20kHz, +/- 2dB


  • Connector XLR Female and 1/4” Jack combo
  • Impedance 10kohm. Electronically balanced, RF Filtered
  • Wiring Pin 1 Grnd/Sleeve, Pin 2 Hot/Tip, Pin 3 Cold/ Ring
  • Sensitivity +7 to -11 dBu rear-mounted 10-position rotary switch calibrated in 2dB steps


  • User LF EQ
  • 4-position selector:
  • -9db (for use with subwoofers)/-3/0/+1dB
  • User HF EQ 3-position selector: -1/0/+1dB

Power Amplifiers:

  • LF Output Power 200w RMS continuous
  • HF Output Power 200w RMS continuous
  • T.H.D.
  • >0.03% at levels up to 1dB below clip, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Typ 0.005% at 20w RMS 1kHz
  • Hum + Noise >-100dB referred to clip
  • Indication:
  • Power On Front blue LED indicates Power ON. Flashes during warm-up cycle.
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