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myMix Control Remote Control Web Browser Interface

myMix Control Web Browser Interface

Musicians can remotely manage mixes by editing or copying through the myMix Remote control Web Browser Interface.

myMix Control Web Browser Interface

myMix Control is a tool for engineers working with larger myMix systems, or the system integrator to set-up dedicated myMix systems that require special settings and function locking.The myMix Control software is a web browser interface located on the myMix Plug computer. It can be accessed from any device that runs a web browser through a Wi-Fi or LAN connection. The myMix Plug hosts web server, transfers the data between the computer/tablet and the myMix devices and has local memory to save complete projects and other data. myMix Control will check for all individual units and provide feedback on devices that could not be found or are new to the system.


  • Access from any device with a web browser (computer, tablet, smart phone)
  • Save change over time by saving and loading entire projects with all device data
  • Help musicians by remotely editing or copying mixes
  • Internal WiFi access point or access through LAN connection
  • Built-in memory for hundreds of projects
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