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PMC MB2S-P-XBD Passive Main Monitor System (Pair)

PMC MB2S-XBD - Passive Main Monitor System (pair)

PMC MB2S-P-XBD Passive Main Monitor System ideal all types of recording

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PMC MB2S-P-XBD Passive Main Monitor System (Pair)

The MB2S-P XBD is a development of the successful MB2S with increased dynamics and LF performance. The addition of the XBD cabinet containing a second precision 12” Radial™ driver increases the LF headroom by 3dB below 380Hz that allows a larger room to be driven to greater effect. In a surround configuration the added headroom of the XBD allows the .1 surround effects channel to be handled with ease, avoiding the installation of further sub units. The MB2 XBD features in many quality conscious facilities including Studio Hilversum – The Netherlands. The 32 element, 4th order passive crossovers are housed in external enclosures which can be mounted to the rear of the XBD cabinets for improved fidelity.

An ideal monitor for all music recording, mastering and post production in either stereo or surround configuration.

PMC MB2S-P-XBD Features

  • PMC ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) with 3 sections in both the main and XBD cabinet.
  • Flexible configuration – Cabinets can be stacked vertically or side-by-side
  • 27mm Twin Chamber fabric Soft dome HF with high performance ferro-fluid cooling
  • PMC 75mm Soft Dome mid range
  • 2 x PMC 12” / 305mm Radial™ driver
  • Matching low profile centre channel (MB2S-C or MB2S-XBD-C)
  • Matching XB2 subwoofer for independent .1 channel monitoring
  • Film filter option: HF Roll off 1.5dB, 3dB & Flat
  • Recommended amp power up to 800W

PMC MB2S-P-XBD Specifications

  • Useable frequency range: 20Hz-25kHz
  • Effective line length: 2 x 3m 10ft
  • Drive units

    LF x 2 310mm Radial™

    MF 75mm PMC fabric dome

    HF 34mm PMC soft dome

  • Crossover frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz
  • Amplifier power:

    HF 120W

    MF 120W

    LF 600W


  • Finish: Neo black
  • Dimensions MB2S-XBD-A:

    H 1740mm 68.50"

    W 380mm 14.96"

    D 535mm 21.06"

  • MB2S-XBD (centre channel):

    H 760mm 29.92"

    W 870mm 34.25"

    D 535mm 21.06"

  • Weight per channel: 88kgs 193.6lbs