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ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-Way Active Monitors (Pair)

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ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-Way Active Monitors front view on stands sold separetly

The ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-way active monitor is a well-kept secret; basically  a pair of ATC SCM50ASL Pros with two nine inch bass units rather than one in a larger enclosure. I first encountered them in a mastering facility in Copenhagen and was astonished by the accuracy in what was a fairly small but well-designed room. I’ve since recommended and supplied them to numerous clients who like the balance of nine inch bass drivers but need more oomph than the ATC SCM50ASL Pros offer.

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ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-Way Active Monitors (Pair)


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You probably don't know these monitors. Indeed, until recently ATC didn't even list them on their website or in their catalogue. Strange...

I first heard a pair of protoypes in a mastering studio in Denmark six or seven years ago and can honestly say that I was gobsmacked. If truth be known, I've always harboured reservations about the SCM100A's (a meaty but rather hard monitor that sounds great if driven but fades when the level is backed off.) But suddenly I found exactly what I'd always looked for in a larger monitor - the same well balanced sound as the SCM50A but with more 'bottle' and depth. I was instantly won over.

Since that time, we've supplied a number of SCM110A's, and to my way of thinking these are a fabulous monitor, a view shared by my clients. Although they're roughly the same price as the SCM100's, the dual nine inch bass sounds tighter and smoother than the 12" bottom end of the 100's. Crucially, these monitors obey the fundamental laws of physics (rather than relying on gimmicks to bluff the listener) - in other words, if you want low frequencies, you've got to move air. Full stop. And the only way of doing this effectively is to have either one large driver or multiple smaller ones.

I'm the kinda guy who likes to share his enthusiasm and spread joy , and to that end until further notice we'll be offering special deals on the ATC110A's to help convert the audio world to sonic bliss. We can arrange demos and I'll wax lyrical about these at the ring of a phone. Call me for our special price and hear happily ever after.

ATC SCM110ASL Pro Features

  • 25mm soft dome tweeter.
  • Twin full "SL" spec 9˝/234mm bass driver.
  • ATC 75mm "Super Dome" mid driver.
  • On board ATC grounded plane 350W Tri-amplifier.
  • LF contour control.
  • Clip indication.
  • 6 year warranty.

ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-Way Active Monitors (Pair) Specifications

  • Drivers : HF 25mm, Mid 75mm, LF 2x234mm
  • Amplitude Linearity (±2dB) : 50Hz-17kHz
  • Cut-off Frequencies (-6dB, free-standing) : 30Hz, 22kHz
  • Horizontal Dispersion : ±80°,
  • Coherent Vertical Dispersion : ±10°
  • Coherent Max. Continuous SPL (1 metre) : 115dB
  • Crossover Frequencies : 380Hz, 3.5kHz
  • Input Connectors : Male XLR
  • Input Sensitivity : 1V Input Sensitivity Trim : ±6dB
  • Input Impedance : Balanced > 10kΩ
  • Amplifier Output : Bass 200W, Mid 100W, High 50W
  • Filters : Even Order Critically Damped
  • Overload Protection : Active FET momentary gain reduction plus thermal tweeter protection
  • Front Panel Indicators : Power On indicator, Gain Reduction warning
  • LF EQ : +6dB @ 40Hz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) : 715 x 625 x 420mm (28.2˝ x 24.5˝ x 16.5˝) Depth with amplifier at rear adds 3˝
  • Weight : 73kg / 160.6lbs