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PSI Audio A21-M Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

PSI Audio A21-M red finish

A broad frequency spectrum is covered by the PSI Audio A21-M Active Studio Monitor. This is a unique highly optimised monitor meaning this PSI Audio A21-M can achieve ultimate precision.

£4,223.33 ex VAT £5,068.00 inc VAT

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£4,223.33 ex VAT £5,068.00 inc VAT

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PSI A21-M Active Studio Monitor

The A21-M high power near / mid-field precision monitor covers a broad frequency spectrum, allowing the user to be in full control of their audio production. Its unique and highly optimised assets make it perfect for near, mid-field and surround sound applications where ultimate precision is required. The powerful bi-amplified output stages features the unique “AOI” output stages and has a protection circuit, which can be monitored via the red LED on the front panel. The active crossover, with integrated “CPR” gives the A21-M unprecedented impulse behavior with excellent stereo imaging. The crossover is also optimized for maximum phase coherence, projecting a wide horizontal and vertical ideal listening area. The electronics are housed in a unit mechanically isolated from the speaker cabinet to avoid resonance at high sound pressure levels. Designed to work in harmony with the full range of A series monitors the A21-M also makes ideal front speakers in a surround sound setup, or can be developed in to a more powerful system by adding the A225-M sub thus protecting your investment.

PSI A21-M Specifications

  • Power RMS: 120 + 50W
  • Program Power: 170W
  • Input Impedance: Sym, 10k Ohms
  • Sensitivity for 100 dB @ 1m: 0.775 V
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 96 dBA
  • Continuous Max SPL@1m: 108 dB (single)
  • Input Overload: 24 Vpp
  • Program Max SPL@1m: 119 dB (pair)
  • Response at -6dB: 38 - 23000 Hz
  • Tolerances: ±2 dB (44Hz - 20kHz)
  • Distortion THD: less than 1.4% (90Hz-12kHz)
  • Phase tolerances: ±45° (190Hz - 20kHz)
  • Dispersion (P.N. 4 - 16 kHz) at -6 dB: 90° x 90° (H x V)
  • System: 2 Way(s)
  • Crossover frequency: 2.4 kHz
  • Woofer's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø217 mm / Ø170 mm
  • Tweeter's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø100 mm / Ø25 mm
  • Connectors: 1 x XLR F / 3P
  • Signal input: 1=GND, 2=(+), 3=(-)
  • Material: MDF
  • Dimensions W x H x D mm: 250 x 400 x 300
  • Gross / Net Weight: 14.8 / 13.4 kg
  • Voltage: 115/230V (50-60Hz)
  • Consumption Standby-Quiescent-Max: 1.2 - 5 - 150 W
  • Mean / Max Humidity: less than 75% / less than 90%
  • External Temperature: 5 - 40°C
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