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PMC IB2S XBD-A Floor Standing Monitors

PMC IB2S XBD-A Floor Standing Monitors

PMC IB2S XBD-A 3 way Active Midfield Floor Standing Monitors

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PMC IB2S XBD-A Floor Standing Monitors

The IB2S XBD-A, offer discerning users the attributes of PMC’s large ATL™ reference active monitors in a more compact form, creating the ideal monitors for high-end reference monitoring and mastering applications.

The three-way IB2S-A master cabinet together with the single-driver XBD bass cabinet to form the IB2S XBD-A system, following the pattern established by the popular BB5-XBD-A reference monitor. The XBD bass unit adds +3dB of low-frequency headroom, makes for a smoother room reponse and allows users to drive even larger acoustic environments. Where an independent .1 sub channel monitor is required, an additional XBD active unit is the ideal solution.

Both DSP-controlled, Class-D powered cabinets make use of PMC’s ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading technology, providing a smoothly controlled, high-resolution low-frequency response. The bass units in both cabinets, which are identical, feature the 10-inch carbon-fibre/Nomex™ piston drivers from the renowned IB1S and IB2S speakers, while the IB2S-A cabinet features PMC’s hand-built 75mm fabric-dome driver to handle the mid range and the 34mm soft-dome tweeter from the BB5 XBD-A. 960W of independent, audiophile-quality power is available to each active master cabinet: 200W for the high-frequency and mid-range drivers, with 560W directed to the LF driver for extended, low-distortion precision monitoring all the way down to 20Hz.

IB2S XBD-A feature user-adjustable HF and LF shelving filters, per-channel ±8dB input level trims, an AES3 digital input as standard , and the ability to adjust the input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs from +4dB to +20dB. The EQ, level trims and analogue/digital input selection settings may be adjusted from a distance with an RJ45-connected remote, also supplied as standard.

PMC IB2S XBD-A Specifications

Amplifier Power per Channel: LF 565W , MF 200W, HF 200W

Available Finishes: Neo Black, Nextel R Cobalt Blue

Crossover Frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz

Dimensions: H 1480mm 58.27” W 330mm 13.0” D 549mm 21.6”

Drive Units: HF 34mm Soft Dome Tweeter 200W , MF 75mm soft Dome Midrange 200W , LF 250mm/10” PMC Carbon Fibre /Nomex™ piston driver , XBD cabinet: LF 250mm/10” PMC Carbon Fibre /Nomex™ piston driver

Effective ATL™ Length: 4m 8ft

Input Connectors: I/O: Balanced Analogue Main Input/Through Balanced Analogue LFE Input/Through Digital AES3 Main Input/Through Digital AES3 LFE Input/Through, Digital input:AES3 192kHz 24bit , Analogue input sensitivity selectable: +4dB to +20dB

Useable Frequency Response: 20Hz-25kHz

Weight: Weight: 93kg 204.6lbs