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APS Aeon Near/Mid Field Monitors (Pair)

APS Aeon Active Near/Midfield Monitors Pair

APS Aeon Near/Mid Field Monitors with a soft dome tweeter

£1,293.10 ex VAT £1,551.72 inc VAT

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£1,293.10 ex VAT £1,551.72 inc VAT

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APS Aeon Near/Mid Field Monitors (Pair)

The APS AEON is now well established as amongst the best-value professional near/midfield active monitor in Europe, perfect for any client wanting powerful performance on a budget.

AEON – is a high quality near-medium field monitor offering exceptional sound capabilities to its user at a reasonable price. Thanks to a wide transmission band, exceptionally low descending bass as well as wide capabilities in precise regulation, AEON will be perfect for:

  • Recording studios,
  • Radio studios,
  • TV studios,
  • Multimedia studios,
  • Postproduction,
  • Mastering,
  • Digital work stations,
  • Home recording studios,
  • Highest quality audio monitoring systems.

AEON monitor is an active 2-way appliance equipped with two speakers (tweeter and woofer) and two independent power amplifiers for each speaker fixed on the back plate of the monitor enclosure, as well as with an appropriate set of precise regulators, signalizes, inputs and security devices:

  • Input sensitivity switch
  • High tone speaker level switch
  • Bass control level switch
  • Bass control switch
  • Ground Lift switch
  • Symmetrical XLR output
  • Symmetrical XLR output XLR or ¼ TRS (Jack)

AEON is designed to work in stereophonic or multi channel systems (5+1 or 7+1, or larger) like DOLBY, DTS, THX, etc.

The monitor construction is based on speakers produced by a Norwegian company SEAS. The woofer is a construction meeting the APS Spanily s.j. requirements. The monitors will be offered in two versions: with a fabric dome tweeter.

The monitor has been closed in the bass reflex enclosure with front ventilation, providing a dynamic bass properly filled with low frequencies. The edges of the monitor enclosure have been rounded to reduce reflections and to improve the quality of produced sound. The inner wall of the enclosure that completely separates the electronic module from the speaker chamber constitutes at the same time a significant reinforcement of the enclosure eliminating excessive oscillations of the monitor enclosure side walls.

In the low frequecncies range the power amplifier with discrete elements (power transistors Toshiba 2SA1943/2SC5200) has been employed. Whereas, in filter systems the highest quality operational amplifiers BurrBrown OPA 2134 and OPA 134 have been used.

Instead of traditional potentiometers, eight-position hermetic switches have been introduced, ensuring high resistance to external factors and long-lasting, failure-free functioning.

APS measure the frequency characteristics of each produced studio monitor in a given batch. Next, we compare the measurement results and put the monitors in pairs with parameters maximally similar to each other.

To discuss custom finish options, please contact us by clicking here.

APS Aeon Specifications

Field Monitor: Near-medium

  • Type: Active – two power amplifiers:
    - Tweeter p.a.: monolithic integrated circuit TDA7294
    - Woofer p.a. operates on 2SA1943/2SC520
  • System: Two-way
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.5 kHz (slope: 24 dB/octave.)
  • Dimensions: Height × Width × Depth: 42 cm × 27 cm × 36 cm/ 16.5’’ x 10.5’’ x 14’’
  • Free Field Frequency Response: ± 2 dB: 30 Hz ÷ 30 kHz
  • SPL in Free Field @ 1m:
    RMS: 108 dB
    Peak: 116 dB
  • Weight: 18 kg / 39.6 lbs.


  • Bass/Mid-Range Loudspeaker:
    φ 22 cm (8 2/3’’)
    Diaphragm: cellulose, surround: rubber
    Magnetically shielded
  • Tweeter Loudspeaker: φ 2.5 cm (1”):
    - Fabric dome
    Magnetically shielded
  • Bass/Mid-Range Power Amplifier : 150 W RMS @ 4 Ω
  • Tweeter Power Amplifier: 70 W RMS @ 6 Ω
  • THD Distortions: 0.005 % – PO = 5 W, f = 1 kHz
    0.1 % max – PO = 0.1 up to 50 W, f = 20 Hz up to 20 kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 103.5 dB – weighted by A curve
    101 dB – in band of 20 Hz up to 20 kHz
  • Input Voltage Level for 100 dB SPL In Free Field @ 1m:
    0 dBu (i.e. 0.775 V) – calibrated regulators in 0 dBu, 0 dB positions

Calibrated Controls

  • Input Sensitivity Switch: 30dBu, 22dBu, 15dBu, 9dBu, 4dBu, 0dBu, -3dBu, 10dBV
  • Bass Controller Level Switch: -15dB, -12dB, -9dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0dB, 3dB, 6dB
  • Bass Controller Switch: Position ON: bass-reflex with active filter
    Position OFF: ”clear” quick bass-reflex
  • Tweeter Loudspeaker Level Switch:
    -5dB, -3dB, -1.5dB, -0.5dB, 0dB, 0.5dB, 1.5dB, 3dB

Inputs, Outputs

  • Input : Two types (common socket Combo):
    - XLR symmetrical (balanced)
    - TRS symmetrical (balanced) “6.3 mm”
    Input impedance 10 kΩ
  • „Loop Through” Output: XLR symmetrical
    Output impedance 100 Ω
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